Argentine talent dying? The 23-year-old defender will set a transfer record in team history and help Messi win the championship

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Are Argentine talents dying? The 23-year-old defender will set a transfer record in team history and help Messi win a major tournament

Serie A’s Atalanta club will pop up a potential star from time to time, and the team will produce another top class this summer. Defender, he is now 23 years old, the key player who helped Argentina win the Copa America-Romero. At present, the team's transfer reserve price to Romero is 50 million euros, and Tottenham is full of interest in it. Once the deal is successful, Romero will create a transfer record in team history.

The team building strategy of the Atlanta club is to sell outstanding players in the team and introduce potential players for training, so the outstanding performance of Luo Melo will definitely leave the team this summer. This is a win-win choice. The team can earn better income and the players can continue to improve on a better platform. The 23-year-old Romero used to play for Juventus, but he was basically unable to play for Juventus when the defenders were all "big men", and he was a taciturn player in the team. Romero is a player who is unwilling to be content with the status quo. At the age of 23 is the golden age of his career. He chose to leave Juventus and come to Atlanta to become the team's main guard and insist on chasing his dream.

The first year he came to Atlanta, it verified that Romero’s original choice was correct and he was elected as the top The best right back of the season officially selected by Serie A. The statistics of his main central defender are as follows: height of 185 cm, weight of 79 kg, successful high-altitude confrontation 122 times, 237 steals, various statistics are leading among Serie A defenders. Not only that, Romero's technical effectiveness, one-to-one success rate, and defensive aggression are all above 92%, reaching the level of an excellent player. Romero has such a wonderful season performance that he will be selected for the Argentine national team for the first time this summer. A young and promising main defender will immediately improve Argentina's overall strength. Romero participated in a total of three America's Cup games, including the final with Brazil, the Argentine team achieved zero opponents.

Argentina is a famous football power in the world. The teams include Messi, Aguero, Di Maria, etc. Star. However, these stars are over 30 years old, making Argentina's strength be looked down upon, thinking that Argentina's football talents have begun to wither. In fact, the talent loss in Argentina is an illusion, and new outstanding players will continue to emerge every year, but Messi and other players are too famous, which obscures the light of these players. For example, 23-year-old defender Romero, 23-year-old forward Rotaro, 27-year-old midfielder DePaul who moved to Atletico Madrid, and Damian Martinez, who performed well in the Copa America (formerly Arsenal’s substitute goalkeeper) ).

Although some of these players are not well-known, they can unite in the Argentine team and help Messi win the competition Champions, young players have a lot of growth, they will definitely have better performance in the future. Romero, as an emerging top defender, almost chose to retire early because he could not play the ball 6 years ago. It is the dream and the responsibility of the family that made him persevere. A player from a poor family, an "amateur player" who could only play football on the streets, will seize the hard-won opportunity.

Argentina's striker is world-class, and the most lacking is the top defender in the defense. In the last World Cup, Argentina's biggest weakness was the "aging" of the defense. Romero will be a player with a lot of room for improvement in the future. He will help Argentina strengthen the overall strength of the defense. Perhaps next year's World Cup, Argentina will become a strong title contender.


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