Why is Argentine football in decline? These five reasons are the key to talent suspension

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The strength of the Argentine team’s striker is still not to be underestimated. Messi, Aguero, Dybala, Lautaro, Icardi, Higuain, the key is the lack of strength of the midfielders, and the top-heavy lineup is really hard to have. As. Argentina is indeed in a period of interruption of successor talents, which is caused by a combination of many factors. In the final analysis, after the implementation of the Bosman Act, more and more Argentine semi-finished youth players landed in Europe prematurely, reducing the success rate of Argentine youth players. On the other hand, the economic chaos in Argentina has lowered the status of the Argentine League in South America. The decline in the league level has prevented young players from getting high-level training.

The dazzling Messi failed to integrate his talent into the Argentina team, wasting himself, wasting other people. If Messi no longer enters the Argentine team, the Argentine team may be able to achieve good results. When Manadona retired, many people thought that the Argentine football talents were out of gear. Within a few years, the golden generation of Messi, Di Maria, Aguero, Mascherano and others were born. The biggest feature of the Argentine team is that when you treat him When you have great expectations, he will let you down, such as the 2002 World Cup winning the hot results of the team being eliminated, when you despair of him, he will surprise you again, such as the runner-up in 14 years.

Messi is not qualified to be with Maradona. Argentina has surpassed Paraguay and Uruguay in these decades Chile's status in football is because of Maradona's 86 World Cup champion, which established the status of the Argentine national team. Uruguayan players are also very personal, but there is no championship (two championships are too early and not convincing) and their status is not as good as that of Argentina. Although Messi’s personal award is very good, it has absolutely no role in establishing the status of the Argentine national team, just like Portugal’s second-rate team that could not be on the table without the European Cup for 16 years, even if there was Eusebio or Ruifi. Ge golden generation. Brazil has always been the only gear, but it has dropped from the only gear after Da Luo.

The desolation of the Argentine youth training is caused by a combination of many factors. 1. The Bosman Act. 2. "Buyers" prevail in European football. 3. The decline of the league's own level. 4. The domestic team's disregard and neglect of newcomer training. 5. Chaos in the management of the Football Association. Especially 3, 4, 5, any one of them is enough to destroy the original status of Argentine football in the world. The riverbed football star base that was once prominent and comparable to the Ajax youth training production line has been declining.


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