Argentine football players-who are the Argentine forwards?

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Who are the Argentine forwards?

Demichelis (Bayern Munich), Heinze (Marseille), Otamendi (Sassfield) , Clemente Rodriguez (La Plata University student), Samuel (Inter Milan) midfielder, Di Maria (Benfica): Borati (Florence) goalkeeper, Pastoré (Barcelona) Lemo), Gutierrez (Newcastle), Mascherano (Liverpool), Garce (Sporting Cologne), Pozzo (Sporting Cologne) Defender: Burdiso (Rome): Romero (Alkmaar) , Andujar (Catania), Maxi Rodriguez (Liverpool), Veron (La Plata student) Forward: Higuain (Real Madrid)

Argentine football In history, who are the top ten strikers in your mind?

The Argentine football team is one of the most successful teams in the world. In history, they have dominated the World Cup twice, 14. Dominating the America's Cup for the second time, the forward line is full of superstars. The top ten forwards in the history of Argentina in my heart are:

In preparation for the World Preliminaries against Uruguay and Venezuela, the Argentine coach Sampaoli announced a new period. Messi, Icardi and Dybala were selected for the national team squad, while Higuain lost. Goalkeepers: Romero, Guzman, Rouli Defenders: Mascherano, Fazio, Otamendi, Mercado, ParejoMidfielders: Barnega, Bigglia, Gu Stavo Fernandez, Paredes, Pizarro, Di Maria, Acuna, Pastorre, Rancini, Salvio Forwards: Messi, Dybala, Icardi, Ko Rhea, Aguero

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