What are the interesting celebrations in football?

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My name is Drogba and I am a forward In our era, the task of forwards was to score goals, so I scored a lot of goals.

I used to attack the city in Marseilles, I also killed all sides in London, I used to be a master in Istanbul, and I was also in Shanghai to seek salary and defend rights.

And now I lay leisurely in the tavern next to Phoenix, watching the sunset reflecting off the banks of the Salt River, and occasionally recalling the time when Senderos was peeing on their pants.

At that time, as we had agreed, we would kneel and slide when we scored a goal. In a perfect kneel and slide, posture, expression, Aura and sliding distance are indispensable.

Of course, I am confident that I will not lose to any of them. Look at my burly figure, square expression, and clear three bars... The middle one is the sneaker stay. The students who wanted to be crooked went to face the wall and thought about it by themselves.

Of course, people stumble, horses stumble, and old drivers like me also make mistakes.

It was a spring day in Galatasaray. After scoring a goal, I leaped on my knees and got ready for a beautiful drift. However, the car overturned due to the dry turf.

At that moment, I, who should have finished kneeling smoothly, were like Robben, Rooney, and Wang Qiang. In this short moment, I seemed to see my kneeling and gliding fame ruined, and seeing the annoying Frenchman next door cast a joking and contemptuous smile at me beside his bronze statue.

Thinking of this, I can't help but feel sad and ecstatic.

However, just when I was about to become a laughingstock, a lightning flash of sudden wit changed everything. I saw that there was no stagnation after I got up, and immediately it was a reflexive donkey rolling, and then a few steps to show off. The legendary frog jump. It's almost the same as planned in advance.

My teammates were all overwhelmed by my goals and wonderful celebration routines. They all came to kneel and worship me, who was lying down. No one noticed the thing on my face. A mysterious smile.



My name is Gerrard, Liverpool captain, an loyal soul for 20 years at Anfield.

The reason I am here is because I can't stand the boasting upstairs. In my opinion, his cleverness is nothing compared to my great wisdom.

As we all know, there are countless first-rate strikers in Liverpool's history.

Later, I occasionally miss them on rainy nights in Merseyside.

Among them, there is a buddy named Suarez. He is a very talented guy and occasionally convulsions. After learning about his past deeds, I always feel that there is always a trace in his vision of people. Gluttonous temperament.

So I will keep myself vigilant from time to time. Facts have proved that this is not unfounded worry, but a rainy day.

For example, I scored twice in the match against Manchester United (thanks to Mr. @Lesh rac for correcting). A domineering knee-slip is naturally essential. When I am proud to celebrate with a fist, I inadvertently use my spare. Guang glanced behind him.

I was stunned. I saw a pouring mouth getting closer and closer to me.

If I don’t take action, then my arm will be with him in the next second. The teeth are in close contact, which is naturally what I don't want.

But if I forcibly withdraw my hand, I am afraid I will hurt this guy's fragile heart, and those who have good things will fan the flames.

To be bitten or not to be bitten, this is a problem.

Time is too late for me to think too much, just when his teeth are 0,At 000001 cm, I stood up.


Please call me a genius.


My name is Suarez. I was a national hero and a public enemy of football. I am a fan of The hero also provided a lot of after-dinner talks.

Our Baozi captain's speech evoked good memories when I was in Liverpool. Although it hurt my glorious image, I must admit that I did a lot of ridiculous things at that time and gave the coach to the club. But it caused a lot of unnecessary trouble, haha.

But I can't be blamed entirely. The living environment of the Premier League is one moment in the past when tens of thousands of people embraced it, and the next second, everyone spurned it. Any little thing can be infinitely magnified, such as a flop, a forward diving to trick a penalty, can it be called a flop? !

Can you see what they all say about me? It seems that I have committed a heinous crime, especially someone who claims to be a genius: I am worried about Suarez, really, he has a history of diving, and people like him are very good at it. Last year he fooled the referee with his flop, and a good game was ruined after 15 minutes. Such an approach will anger the fans. Fans do not like players and fall to the ground so easily. Everyone who has participated in football hates flops.

I had grudges but didn’t retaliate against the non-gentleman, so I faced his team afterwards. After creating an own goal, I avoided the teammates who rushed to my celebration and ran in front of him, looking at him who became angry and frustrated. .

Performing a flop.

Aren’t you worried about me flopping? I'll just dive to show you, hahahaha, just like the way you see me being upset and helpless to me.

What? You said our coach would think I was causing him trouble? Pull it down, his laughing thief is happy.

When I was young, I was a fearless teenager, but now I have already washed away my lead. It's just that I think back to the time when I was not stingy, and those impulsive deeds made me a little bit nostalgic.


My name is Royce, like the two upstairs, I play for a second-rate team.

We used to be very young and energetic, but we lost to reality in the end.

I watched the team become mediocre when a little bit of people walked away. The comrades in the team changed their positions and went on their own. Their departure was like a blunt knife cutting my wound, painful but helpless.

Until one day, even the beard coach who pulled up the team with one hand chose to leave.

After the last Westfalen match he coached, there were only two of us left in the locker room. I thought he would tell me something, but he just stopped talking. Gave me a big hug.

Back home, back to the empty house after Caroline left, a little tired, I picked up the phone, and saw a piece of unread messages:

I heard Are you going to Real Madrid?

I heard that you are going to Barcelona?

I heard that you are going to Paris?

I heard that you are going to Bayern?

Marco, I heard you are going to Manchester City? Would you like to accept our interview and talk about your plans for the future.


I actually want to say that I miss those guys very much. Although I don’t want to watch them leave, I still treat them as friends and brothers. I want to say that I remembered one of our embarrassments again. I want to say that although I bluntly threatened not to see it, Mario's behavior after the World Cup final made me cry.

But they are not interested in these, they only have a strong curiosity about my whereabouts, and then write down all kinds of obscenities.

The three of them became tigers, and my teammates looked at me with strange eyes. Sometimes they would whisper behind my back.

We haven't won a championship for a long time.

I’m tired, I think, it’s time to make a decision. So after scoring a goal in the game, I made the action of "don't listen, don't watch, don't speak"

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, I just said it was a bet with a friend , You don’t believe it anyway. Don't you Western reporters always like to make big news? Go and guess.

And I have already decided on my choice.

Oh, you silly fans, do you think I will leave?

Don't be silly, come here, let me give you a big hug.


My name isAubameyang, Royce's teammate.

Everyone has his own heart and soul, and my heart and soul are my dear sons.

Everyone has their own hero, but the hero in my precious son's heart is not their old man, but Spiderman, Batman, Hulk, Captain America.

In this regard, I can only say that although I am very heartbroken, I am not wronged.

When there were no children, I thought about what celebrations I would design for my future babies.

Raul-style kiss ring? Di Maria like heart? Bebeto-style lullaby? Or Sun Shilin like like?

After having a child, I realized that this is not a problem at all.

My sons, every time they run to me with their buttocks upside down, they stick out their flesh Little hand, give me the latest mask

"Dad, can you wear this mask next time?"

"Baby, this Simpson is too big, Dad can't hide it." ....."

They have grown up slowly, and my career has also improved. What has not changed is my act of playing various heroes after scoring a goal. In my heart, the praise from the outside world is more than But the little guys clapped and laughed when they saw it.

Under my influence, Royce, who has always been a peculiar style of painting, also joined the ranks of cosplay, although inexplicably ashamed.

My dear child, my heart, if possible, I am willing to give you the whole world.

"Dad, can I have another ice cream?"

"No, you have eaten too much today."


I’m Cavides, from Ecuador. Although I don’t have the popularity upstairs, I must say, cosplay Spiderman, our Ecuadorian talents are seniors.

I have a friend named Tenorio. Unfortunately, his nickname is Spider-Man. He is a forward with a bright future. Every time he scores a goal, he will take out Spider-Man. The mask satisfies the son's wishes.

Unlike Aubameyang’s son, Tenorio’s children have no chance to see this scene because their father died in a car accident.

Three days before the accident, we were still fighting together on the court. We did not expect that this time we met would be a farewell.

He is only 25 years old.

We in Ecuador have only participated in two World Cups in more than 60 years, and we managed to overcome difficulties to reach the 2006 finals. You just fell before the finish line.

Hey, brother in the sky, can you hear me? You know, I really want to score a goal. The bastard de la Cruz didn’t give me the ball and was scolded by me. A meal.

Fortunately, I scored a goal in overtime, otherwise I can't spare him.

Why do you want to score so much, for you, my brother, and your family.

Don’t you like to wear the Spiderman mask the most? Don’t you want to be the protagonist in the World Cup, let your kids see it in front of the TV?

Let me do it for you, how about it, is it enough buddy, interesting enough?

Hey, you know what, we have defeated Poland and Costa Rica! We reached the top 16 and we made history!

Can you see it in the sky, see my mask, can you see our results?

Surprised or not? Was it unexpected?

It would be great if you were still there. I miss you.


Easter eggs: Great God in the comment area:

My name is Mascherano. Since joining Barcelona, ​​I have planned the celebration of the goal, and then... …Then there is no more (@Mr.White) My name is Mascherano. Just a few days ago, I finally scored a penalty. However, it was embarrassing that I had not scored a goal for a long time. I’ve long thought of celebrating the action... I forgot it (@Chris1912) (@Zhao Xiaoyou)


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