Guangdong diehard fans test questions, don’t pass the test as a true fan

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1. The Cantonese who regard food as their heaven often use food as a metaphor when speaking about waves. Which of the following foods is not a Cantonese term for speaking waves?

A. Fried Kale

B. Boiling Soda

C. Lu Squid

D. Selling Soy Sauce

E. Fish Congee

F. Barbecued Pork


strong>There was a classic saying in the wave world called "wave, it is round." What does this sentence mean?

A. The ball is dead and people are alive

B. It is like a match result on the court can happen.

C. It is like a goal The ball will always be scored, and the ball that shouldn’t be scored can’t be scored.

D. Bo, it’s really round...

3. Which one of the following The trophy is the World Cup?






strong>Which of the following is not the mascot of the World Cup?







NextWhich one is the boss?

A. Big whistle

B. Small whistle

CC Lang

D. Langney

E .Dafei

6. Which team will David Beckham represent in the World Cup this year?

A. Real Madrid, Spain

B. Los Angeles Galaxy, USA

C. Manchester United, England

D. Not playing this year


7. Which player has won the most championship rings in the history of the World Cup?

A. Michael Jordan

B. Ronaldo

CC Ronaldo

D. No

Intermediate questions

8. Which of the following characters appear on the court the most people like? (Multiple choice)

A. Tongtian veteran

B. Huang Taixian

C. Baitou Moluo

D. Red card A Gu

E. Flower arrangement master

F. Mei Chaofeng

9. This World Cup is the first to introduce the no-bite rule. Which athlete is the rule aimed at:

A. Taichen

B. Suarez

C. Robert Holly

D. Tianjizbayev

10. Which of the following "waves" is a commendatory football term?

A. Hospital wave

B. Wind flow wave

C. Taigong wave

D. Curry wave

E. World Wave

11. If a woman and her boyfriend are on the same team, the woman’s girlfriend is the opponent’s goalkeeper. When the woman passes the ball to her boyfriend, and the boyfriend is closer to her girlfriend than anyone else, will this behavior be sentenced?

A. Reasonable contact

B. Benefit ball

C. Offside

D. Red card appearance

12. Continue to the question: If the woman is about to reach the bottom line and sees no hope of shooting, she passes the ball to her boyfriend, boyfriend When there is a competitor next to him, he is aiming at the negligence of his girlfriend and volleying a goal. What is the behavior of the woman?

A. A draw from the bottom of the tank

B. Last battle

C. Charge shot

D. Pass in the bottom line

13. Please tell us the name of the clothing sponsor of the German national men’s football team in 2018:




D.Louis Vuitton


strong>Which one of the following countries is the first to qualify for the World Cup finals in 2018?

A. China

B. Iceland

C. North Korea

D. Egypt

Advanced Questions

15.C Lang Tong Mei Si fried a piece of kale, Agulu’s barbecued pork will go over. Longmen Butter, please eat a wave cake after catching up with Xi Meisi. At this time, the ball card blows chicken. The Argentine team ate a fish porridge, and the two teams left the field. What is the most correct description of this game?

AC Lang and Metz have caused a misunderstanding between their teammates

B. New World Cup regulations players can suspend the game to eat to replenish their physical strength

C. Argentina and The Portuguese team meets in a tea restaurant.

D. The team wearing the blue and white jersey narrowly beats the team with the red and green jerseys

16. "This player bears back and shoulders the mountain. You can eat for three days!"——Which ball critic comes from this ball commentary:

A. Wu Huangrong

B. Lin Shangyi

C. Ding Junhui

D. He Hui

17.Please speak The name of Portuguese celebrity C Ronald’s former girlfriend:

A.Georgina Rodriguez

B.Irina Shayk

C.Niki Ghazian


E. I choose to die, I don’t know English

18. (connection question) Please match the connection below


True or False


A corner kick that is directly bent into the goal is counted as a goal.

20. The ball sent a twelve-yard reshot, and "Take 2" can be shot by another player.

21. High Bailey is the first golf course to take possession of Bozai.

22. After getting twelve yards within the statutory time, the penalized party can not log in and exchange for a goalkeeper to come out and save.

Ultimate Question

Arsenal’s 2005 lineup, the 11 players they are currently picking are from 11 different countries. Please write down their names and their countries.

Free Dead Questions

When the other half is in "

Saibo", which sentence do you ask if you don't understand football, they are most angry?

A. What is the point of "Raxi" at the end of the toes or not with "Ladong"?

B. All black shirts are good-looking, the side team?

C. BB, is it "offside"?

D. Will you be with me tonight?

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