Canadian "Joseph" "lost and regained" Raptors champion coach: Joseph will play in the World Cup

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Posted on 2019-8-27 06:42|Show all floors|Reading mode Lingxi Sports reported on August 27: Canada "lost and regained" Raptors champion coach: Joseph will play in the World Cup
The Canadian men's basketball team originally had 17 players in the NBA, which is second only to the United States. , But many players have expressed their willingness to withdraw from the World Cup this summer. It was previously reported that the core defender Corey Joseph had withdrawn from the national team, but the Canadian coach Nass emphasized at the recent Joseph World Cup Canadian nba press conference that Joseph will participate in this tournament. For the men's basketball World Cup competition, he will take a flight to join the team tomorrow, which is undoubtedly good news for the Canadian men's basketball team.


"As far as I know, he will board the plane tomorrow. "Canada coach Nass said in a press conference after the warm-up match against the United States.
This means that after Joseph leaves Canada to prepare for the World Cup training camp, his name will be added to the team's roster again.
Joseph initially participated in the training camp for Canada to prepare for the World Cup, and then left the team during the warm-up match between Canada and Australia on August 16th. After that, there was news in the media that the defender who worked hard in the NBA Decided to withdraw from this summer's Men's Basketball World Cup.
Joseph has been playing for the national team for many years. During the offseason this summer, he signed a new three-year contract with the Sacramento Kings of the NBA. The media had previously stated that the reason why Joseph quit the World Cup was. It is out of consideration that more attention can be paid to the NBA arena in the 2019-20 season.

In the warm-up match of the Canadian men’s basketball team preparing for the World Cup, the team's center Kelly Olynik eventually withdrew from the national team due to a knee injury. In addition, many NBA players refused to participate. Invitation to the Canadian men's basketball training camp. However, Joseph's "lost and recovered" is undoubtedly a help for the Canadian men's basketball team, which will usher in the Men's Basketball World Cup in 4 days.
Corey Joseph played for the Pacers last season, averaging 6.5 points, 3.4 rebounds and 3.9 assists in 25.2 minutes of playing time per game.
In this Men’s Basketball World Cup, the Canadian team, Senegal, Lithuania, and Australia are in Group H. Their first group match will be against Australia at 15:30 on September 1. Canada, joseph, lost and recovered, raptors, championship


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