In the 2018 sports year, from the beginning of the year to the end of the year, these 10 hot events are not to be missed

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Time: February 22-25, 2018

Location: London, UK

February 22, Beijing time, the first day of the Spring Festival holiday, the 2018 Table Tennis World Cup The team competition will start in London, England. According to the national table tennis lineup announced by the ITTF, the Chinese men's team has identified four players, namely Ma Long, Xu Xin, Fan Zhendong, and Lin Gaoyuan. The women's team has confirmed the participating players are Ding Ning, Liu Shiwen, and Zhu Yuling.

3. 2018 World Indoor Athletics Championships

Time: March 2-4, 2018

Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom

This World Championship is expected to have more than 500 athletes from 150 countries and regions participating. Su Bingtian, a Chinese 100-meter flying man, has decided to compete in the 60-meter event of this World Indoor Track and Field Championships. According to reports, Su Bingtian "hopes that he can win a medal or break his own record."

4. 2018 World Table Tennis Championships

Time: April 29-May 2018 6th

Venue: Halmstad, Sweden

In 2018, the ITTF ushered in the team competition year. In addition to the World Cup team competition, the biennial table tennis world championship team competition will also be held in Halmstad, Switzerland. Prior to this, the Chinese men's team maintained eight consecutive World Championships team championships, while the women's team only dropped the championship twice in its nearly 40-year history. In this competition, the male and female team captains Ma Long and Ding Ning will lead the Chinese table tennis team to defend the glory of the "national football".

5. 2018 Thomas Cup & Uber Cup

Time: May 20, 2018 -27th

Venue: Bangkok, Thailand

In May, the Thomas Cup, which symbolizes the highest honor of the world's badminton men's team, will be held on the Gold Coast of Australia.

The Chinese men's badminton team set an unprecedented five consecutive championships in 2004-2012, but in the past two games, the Chinese men's team failed to make the finals. As for the women's team, the Chinese women's team, which has won three consecutive championships, will be under considerable pressure.

6. 2018 Russia Football World Cup

Time: June 14-July 15, 2018 Day

Location: Russia

There is no doubt that the World Cup is definitely the most eye-catching event this year. After four years of waiting and watching, fans all over the world finally ushered in their football feast again in 2018. The 32 top teams in the world are about to set foot on this wonderful land of Russia in the summer of the northern hemisphere to start their dream journey. This World Cup was held in Russia for the first time, and it was also the first time the World Cup was held in Eastern European countries.

7. 2018 Badminton World Championships

Time: July 30-August 2018 5th

Venue: Nanjing, China

The 2018 Badminton World Championships will be held in the Nanjing Youth Olympic Sports Park Gymnasium. Nanjing will become the third my country to host the event after Beijing and Guangzhou. city ​​of. At the same time, this tournament will be the first World Championship after the IBF has changed its serving rules (the serving height must not be higher than 1.15 meters).

8. 2018 Jakarta Asian Games

Time: August 18-September 2018 2nd

Venue: Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta once held the 4th Asian Games in 1962, which also means that Jakarta is the only Asian game that has won the right to host the Asian Games for the second time. Capital city. The 2018 Jakarta Asian Games has 40 events, including 32 Olympic events and 8 non-Olympic events. Since the Ninth Asian Games, China has been at the top of the gold medal list. At this Asian Games, the Chinese Legion will also attack with all its members to maintain its dominant position in Asia.

9. 2018 Women's Volleyball World Championships

Time: September 30-October 2018 21st

Venue: Japan

The four-year Women's Volleyball World Championship is here again. Chinese Women's Volleyball Coach Lang Ping will lead the Chinese Women's Volleyball Team headed by Zhu Ting to challenge the championship. After successively winning the World Cup, Olympic Games and Grand Champions Cup, the World Championships have become the next goal to be conquered by the new Chinese women's volleyball team.

10. 2018 World Championships in Short Pool Swimming

Time: December 3, 2018- December 8th

Venue: Hangzhou, China

The World Short Swimming Championships is one of the world’s highest swimming events, with 46 events and a 5-day competition period. There will be nearly 1,000 athletes from 158 countries and regions participating, with a total of more than 2,000. Sun Yang once said that he hoped that the short-pool swimming world championships held in his hometown Hangzhou would be more perfect, which will be the end of 2018.

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