Deep feelings! Played for 13 consecutive seasons, Goncharova became the first of the top 10 loyal Russian superstars

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Deep feelings! Played for 13 consecutive seasons, Goncharova became the top 10 loyal players in the Russian Super League

The Russian Premier League recently selected the “ten most loyal players” in the domestic league and played for Dynamo Moscow The women's volleyball team's Goncharova, Moscow Men's Volleyball's Berezhko, and Kuzbass Men's Volleyball's Sherbakov tied for the top spot. They played for their respective teams for 13 seasons and ranked among the top 10 women's volleyball players. There are also Statseva, Parubec, Sherban.

Goncharova has the reputation of "Russian Women's Volleyball Supermodel". She has been in the Russian Women's Volleyball National Team for more than 10 years. In 2010, Goncharova, who was only 21 years old, followed the Russian women's volleyball team to participate in the World Women's Volleyball Championship. At that time, the veteran Sokolova played the leading role. As a substitute, she won the world championship for the first time in the World Series. She was indeed lucky.

Since the 2012 London Olympics, Goncharova has been the main support for the Russian women's volleyball team. Her offensive line at the 2nd position is very long, taking advantage of the length of time spent in the air and the high bounce point. , The line to smash the ball is often near the bottom line of the back row. In the 2015 World Cup Sino-Russian battle, Goncharova's several counter-round smashes in the 4th position were also very boosted, and there was also the 1st position. Back row offenses are often thrown by the setter to a surprise effect.

Goncharova has played for Dynamo Moscow since her debut. It has been 13 seasons so far, which is not a discount A loyal player who doesn't buckle. Goncharova once won the Russian Premier League championship for Dynamo Moscow. Although Dynamo Moscow introduced heavy Brazilian artillery to attack Natalia this season, she thought that the attack on both wings would be greatly changed, but she did not expect it. Dynamo Moscow's overall ups and downs, currently at a disadvantage in the competition with Dynamo Kazan and Lokomotiv Kaliningrad. After the first round of the UEFA Champions League 4th round group stage, the ranking is actually at the bottom, not as good as that. Stuttgart, Germany, is indeed a little surprised.

Statseva ranked 5th in Dynamo Kazan for 9 seasons. She and Goncharova participated in the 2010 Women's Volleyball Championship together and won the main setter. The world champion helped the Russian women's volleyball team successfully defend the World Championships. Although the main setter of the Russian women's volleyball team in the Rio cycle was replaced by Pankova, the daughter of coach Pankov, the Tokyo cycle was changed back to Stateseva. Dynamo Kazan is currently the last champion. In addition to Stateseva, the team also has attackers such as Fabris, Brisio, and Zayazko. They are still the favorites of the season.

Parubec has played for Ula Rochka for 9 seasons and ranked 6th. She is the Russian women's volleyball team in the Tokyo cycle. The first main attack, both offensive and defensive skills are comprehensive, but the height is only 183CM, which is the first firepower point of Ula Rochka in many years. He once ranked first in the scoring list in the 2019/2020 UEFA Champions League.

Sherban ranked 8th in Dynamo Moscow for 7 seasons. He is the main attack of the Russian women's volleyball team during the Rio cycle. He has strong support ability, but his offensive ability is average. abandon.

Speaking of loyalty, I am afraid that the domestic women's volleyball players in China are more loyal. Many of the players have been playing in one club during their careers. They are basically locked in the local team, such as Zhang Lei of the Shanghai Women's Volleyball Team. Shanghai has played for nearly 20 years and has not retired.


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