Sichuan Football News|Guoan nucleic acid test is negative for all employees; Sichuan Jiu Niu 3 wins, 3 draws to end the warm-up training _ training

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2018 Five Tigers General Mianyang Division-Wukong Super K Football Team

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Headline news

Reporter: Guoan nucleic acid test results are all negative

Due to multiple reports of new crown cases in the Xinfadi wholesale market in Fengtai, Beijing , Leading to a rebound of the epidemic. At present, Huaxiang District in Fengtai has been classified as a high-risk area, and the base where the Guoan team was previously located is not far from the new market, and the risk factor is high.

Considering the safety of the whole team, the Guoan Club decided to conduct nucleic acid tests on all players and team staff who have been to Gaoxin Base on the 15th, and will immediately if there is no problem with all the players Moved away from Gaoxin base.

Reporter Zhang Qiang said that the results of the National Security Team's nucleic acid test have been released and all members are negative.

It was previously reported that Guoan might be stationed at the Shunyi base in the future. To this Zhang Qiang said: “The training location for the re-focused training is still to be determined, but the possibility of stationing at the Shunyi base is very small.”

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Chuanai News

Sichuan Jiuniu finished the Jiangsu warm-up training with 3 wins and 3 draws.

On the afternoon of the 17th, Sichuan Youbixuan played a warm-up match with Jiangxi Liansheng at the Suzhou Taihu Football Training Base. The first half Zhou Minghao scored a direct free kick to open the situation first, Liansheng scored two goals in the second half, and then Nan Xiaoheng received a pass from his teammate and shot at the center post.

Starting from going to Jiangsu on June 1st, within 17 days you must have played with Suzhou Soochow, Nantong Zhiyun, Wuhan Three Towns, Nanjing Fengfan, Taizhou Yuanda, Jiangxi Liansheng and other teams. In 6 warm-up matches, Youbixuan achieved an unbeaten record of 3 wins and 3 draws. Nan Xiaoheng, Ruan Jun, Wang Song, Wang Qiao and Zhou Minghao scored goals.

Sichuan Youbixuan has a variety of lineup rotations in the continuous high-intensity warm-up match. The main players, substitutes and trial players all get the opportunity to perform on the court. The new aid has a high degree of integration with the team, allowing the next stage The training has a good tactical reserve.

After the game ended yesterday, Sichuan Youbitan successfully completed the training mission in Jiangsu and entered a period of vacation. The players have returned home from Jiangsu to visit relatives one after another. After the holiday, the team will formulate the next stage of training plan based on the situation of this training, and strive to compete in the best state for the first Chinese A season.

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The young general of Nanchong Aohang bravely pursues the green field Football dreams

"Shoot, shoot, score..." On the afternoon of June 18th, there were bursts of applause and cheers at the football field of Xihe Sports Park in Nanchong. Some of the young players who had just finished school put down their school bags , I am very excited to walk into the green field, enjoying the happiness brought to them by football. This is a group of Austrian football teenagers who are chasing their dreams on the green field.

On the court, more than 30 players are organized by the coach and divided into 3 groups to practice 30-meter sprint, standing long jump, passing, shooting, etc. The children can see every move. He is trained in professional football skills. After half an hour, as the coach's whistle sounded, the little players gathered around the coach again, and an internal teaching match started, and all the little players looked very excited.

On the court, the players on both sides are like tigers, each daring to fight and fight, showing the technical movements in usual training, dribbling, passing, breaking, grabbingInterrupting, attacking, shooting... In the passionate arena, the children fully demonstrated the image of a healthy and positive contemporary Austrian football player. The afterglow of the setting sun shone on their immature faces, and at that moment it was like a dream radiating golden light.

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Domestic and international news

Guangdong media: Evergrande Football School has sent 7 players into the European club echelon

Live it, June 19, according to " New Express reported that Evergrande Football School, which has been in operation for many years, has become an example of the success of Chinese youth training. The football school has transported 7 young players to the European club echelon.

Beginning in 2018, Evergrande Football School began to implement the "Second Five-Year Plan", fully implementing the "all elite, all free" talent training mechanism, student training, competition, learning, eating and dressing Free of charge, housing and other expenses, and established a talent training model of 5 years of domestic special training and 5 years of overseas advanced studies. When a player reaches the age of 14, he will have the opportunity to be selected to study at Evergrande Spain for 5 years.

It is reported that there are 25 students of each age group studying in Spain, and Evergrande invests as much as 500,000 yuan per year on each Spanish branch player. After the Spanish school children finish their studies, the best students will continue to stay in the European professional clubs for further study. Most of the players are selected to enter the Evergrande club reserve team, echelon and even the first team. Up to now, 7 players from the football academy will be transported to the echelon of European professional clubs such as Sporting Gijon. After the epidemic has passed, players can go to these clubs and join the echelon of each team.

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Jiannanchun|La Liga Report: Real Madrid 3-0 Valencia, Asensio’s first season pass shot

At 04:00 on June 19th, Beijing time, the 29th round of La Liga ushered in a focus game, Real Madrid defeated Valen 3-0 at home West Asia. In this campaign, Benze immediately scored twice, surpassing Puskas with 243 goals and rising to the fifth place in the history of Real Madrid's goalscoring list. Li Gangren dyed red.

The complete report

In the 4th minute, Casemiro hit the door vigorously outside the penalty area and was confiscated by Silesin. One minute later, Ferran Torres broke through the frontcourt and was tripped by Casemiro to win a free kick for Valencia. Parejo took the penalty to the back of the penalty area, and Courtois hit the ball to punch the ball out of the penalty area.

In the 10th minute, Benzema broke into the penalty area and returned the triangle. Cross followed up and was shot by Silesen.

In the 11th minute, Benzema sent just the right through, Hazard took a low shot and was blocked by Sillesen.

In the 12th minute, Cross tried a long-range shot from the outside and was confiscated by Sillerson.

In the 14th minute, Gomez got the ball in midfield and sent a precise through. Rodrigo got the ball into the penalty area and shot the far corner of the goal to hit the post.

In the 16th minute, Hazard took a volley after getting rid of the front of the penalty zone and Sillesen fell to the ground and held the ball firmly.

In the 21st minute, Soler made a diagonal pass from the front of the penalty area and slid into the penalty area. He hit Gomez's leg and bounced at Rodrigo's feet by accident. The latter got the ball and scored the goal, but As judged by VAR, Gomez was offside when he touched the ball and the goal was invalid.

In the 29th minute, Carvajal obliquely assassinated into the penalty area and shot it, but Silesson blocked the ball with his leg. In the 44th minute, Kondobia shot off the outside of the penalty area and was saved by Courtois.

In the 45th minute, Real Madrid's right corner kicked to the back of the penalty area.

After halftime, Real Madrid will temporarily 0-0 Valencia at home. In the 51st minute of the easy side fight, Hazard wiped the penalty area and drew a fast ball to the goal, but outflanked his teammates and failed to make it. The ball slipped past the goal.

In the 59th minute, Valencia took the lead in making substitution adjustments, and Guedes and Gameiro came off the bench.

In the 61st minute, Hazard and Modric hit the wall in the frontcourt and fell to the ground to assist Benzema to push the goal. Real Madrid led 1-0.

In the 64th minute, Modric's long-range shot was defeated by Silesian's side.

In the 74th minute, Mendy pushed into the penalty area to assist Asensio, who had made the season's first show, with an end shot and Real Madrid led 2-0.

In the 84th minute, Cross free kickThe heavy shelling door was lifted out of the beam by Silesson with a single palm. In the 86th minute, Asensio also assisted Benzema to score and Real Madrid led 3-0.

In the 89th minute, Li Kangren was sent off for revenge.

At the end of the game, Real Madrid beat Valencia 3-0 at home.

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Italian media: Benitez and foreign aid return to China, the club spends 450,000 euros to rent a plane

Live it, June 19, according to Italian media "All Markets", Dalian people spent about 450,000 euros to rent a private jet to help coach Benitez, foreign aid Longdong, Danielson and Las Vegas. Elson returned to China.

On June 13, the coach of Dalian Club Benitez, foreign aid Longdong, Danielson and Larsson returned to Dalian from Stockholm, Sweden on a business chartered flight.

According to the Shanghai media "Oriental Sports Daily", Benitez and his party applied for entry as an executive of Dalian Wanda. The club also responded: "The four people entered the country reasonably and legally and comply with the entry rules."

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Cold knowledge of football

❒ The only scientist in football who has won the Nobel Prize: Niels ·Henrik David Bohr

Former Danish country (yes, that famous scientist you know). He used to participate in professional football matches with his younger brother Hanad Bohr, but ended his career early and devoted himself to physics research and won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922.

Five Tigers has reminded everyone to take precautions against the recent outbreak of the novel coronavirus, to avoid going out, wash hands frequently, and wear a mask when going out.

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