Characters: Recalling Spain's Golden Wings Joaquin Rebirth Vicente's Sadness

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Netease Sports reported on April 7:

Vicente and Joaquin, these two wingers, who are hailed from the left and the right in La Liga, showed great concern after learning of the extreme drought in southwestern China: "We are from TV news As you can see here, there are tens of millions of people suffering from drought in China, and we are also very disturbed. Today’s world is full of disasters, man-made and natural, but we hope everything will be better. A few days are holy days (Easter) , We pray that everything will be better, and we pray that the weather in the disaster-stricken areas in China will be smooth and we will be with you."

La Liga superstar: Drought is ruthless, I am with you at this moment [ Sports Image Center] Joaquin: Pray for good weather in the disaster-affected area.

Vicente and Joaquin are very concerned about the drought in China, but when the World Cup is approaching, people I also care about their current situation --- whether the two former wide players can appear in South Africa this summer. This season, due to long-term injury problems, he can't contribute too much to the team. Vicente played a total of 30 minutes for Valencia this season, contributed an assist, so little playing time, it can be said that Vicente has almost said goodbye to the World Cup, but this does not obliterate his past glory.

Vicente loves the Bat Legion

Born in 1981, Vicente started his first career career with the Levante team of the Second Division. With his outstanding performance in Levante, in 2000, Vicente, who was only 19 years old, was taken to the Bat Legion. He scored 5 goals in his first La Liga season. In the second season, he led the team to win the La Liga championship again after 30 years.

In the 03-04 season, Vicente broke out. In the eyes of many people, his performance in this double championship season is no less than Ronaldo. In the game, he repeatedly staged shots or assists after a long-distance attack on the left. He is one of the sharpest full-backs in La Liga. From an unknown player to La Liga's hottest first-class attacker, Vicente only took four years. Vicente, who is like a rainbow, also caught up with the European Championships in Portugal this year.

Short national team career

Although Vicente made his national team debut in the 2001 World Cup qualifier against Austria, Camacho did not take the young Vicente to Korea and Japan in 2002. World Cup. His opportunity to fight for the country didn't really come until 2004. With his outstanding performance in the club, Vicente qualified in the current European Championships as he wished. In this cup, people saw the best Vicente, his breakthrough, his passing, when you see the Russian crowd and attack him and pull him down, you will sincerely sigh the super strength of La Liga's first winger . Since then, Zuo Zhizun has been missed by the national team for a long time, and the important reason that hinders him from being selected for the national team is the constant injuries.

Injuries create sadness

Vicente has been suffering from injuries for a long time after experiencing the glory of the 03-04 season. From the beginning of the 04-05 season, Vicente seemed to be "linked" to injuries. In the following five seasons, Vicente did not completely get rid of injuries in a single season. This has also become the biggest obstacle to his personal breakthrough. Participating in the World Cup is the dream of every player, and Vicente is no exception. As a former golden player on the left, not participating in the World Cup is undoubtedly his biggest regret. But the lack of performance in the season before the World Cup will undoubtedly cast a shadow on Vicente's World Cup dream. Injuries made this talented player feel sad again.

Joaquin's first appearance

Only 5 days younger than Vicente, Joaquin seems to be known earlier. People remember him, mostly because of the knockout match with South Korea, Joaquin assists Morientes' good goal was blown out of bounds, and he himself also missed a penalty in the subsequent penalty shootout. But his excellent technique at the foot has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In the 04-05 season, Joaquin showed off his style in the league. In the league with 13 assists, second only to Riquelme, and helped the team qualify for the Champions League.

Endure hardship

Due to the lack of staff reserves of the club Real Betis, the team was not only eliminated in the Champions League, but the league also fell into the relegation zone. At this time, in the national team, Joaquin’s status was also challenged by players such as Luis Garcia. In the 2006 World Cup qualifier play-off match with Slovakia, Joaquin was excluded from the big list for the first time. In addition, because Aragones believes that "the playing style of Joaquin's key game is soft."

Nirvana Rebirth

In the dilemma that the club is relegated and the national team's position is not guaranteed. The Bat Legion spent 25 million euros to bring Joaquin to Mestala. After the turbulent season of coaching Coman in 07-08, the Valencia's most valuable player gradually recovered his form. This season, Joaquin scored 5 goals for the team and provided 4 assists in the 1779 minutes he played for the team. Use goals or assists many times to help the team win. Joaquin has contributed to Valencia's ability to rank third after the two major Panba.

As the World Cup is approaching, Joaquin has only one goal-that is the World Cup in South Africa. Although the final result was decided by the coach, Joaquin used his own efforts to stick to his beliefs.


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