Valencia: The weather is not a problem, hope to get out of the stadium with victory

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HD: TEDA braved the rain to prepare for three foreign aid funny Zhou Haibin happy and relaxed

(Sohu Sports Lv Zhongyi reported in Wuhan on August 23) On the evening of August 23, Beijing time, the Tianjin TEDA team, who arrived in the away field, completed the pre-match training in the football field of Wuhan Sports Center. They will be here tomorrow night. The relegation rivals Wuhan Zall began a contest. Due to the continuous rainfall, the TEDA team shortened the one-hour training time to 40 minutes. Valencia, the team's top scorer, accepted an interview with the media after the training, "I hope I can walk out of the stadium with victory tomorrow."

Valencia, who ranked first in the team's scorer list with 9 goals, has been in a very good shape recently. This time he came to Wuhan and he also worked hard to help the team score 3 points. For tomorrow’s game, Valencia said: “Of course, all of us know that this is a very important game and a game to be outsmarted. I hope that through our efforts, we will come out with a victory tomorrow. This stadium."

Wuhan has been rainy recently. Although TEDA is very satisfied with the quality of the turf of the Wuhan Sports Center football field, the continuous rain will undoubtedly cause the turf to be slippery. For this situation, Valencia seems to be indifferent, "Come to me Speaking, the weather is never a problem, because I will not worry about these issues. This is the same for the players of both teams. The quality of the venue here is good and it is very suitable for our game."

Tomorrow will be the first game directed by the Wuhan team’s new coaching team. The Chinese often say "a change of coach is like a knife change". This is a variable and a difficult factor for TEDA. Valencia said "Maybe, but the situation may not get better after they change the head coach. We TEDA will still be the one striving to win. All of us are united. I believe we can achieve this victory."


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