Today's football betting recommendation [La Liga]: Mallorca vs Espanyol score prediction!

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La Liga: Mallorca vs Espanyol

Time: 2021/08/28 02:00

Upgrade Mallorca performed well in the first two rounds, including a home draw with Real Betis and an away defeat to Alaves. This is the most eye-catching performance of the three upgraded horses this season. It seems that the targeted introduction this summer has indeed played a very good role in improving Mallorca's strength. Mallorca will return to home in this round. They have remained unbeaten in nine consecutive leagues at home this season, with a win rate of 77.7%. It can be seen that with the support of the family atmosphere, Mallorca's combat effectiveness will be further improved.

Although the Spaniard did not win the first two rounds, someone explained to him that they were tied with Osasuna and Villarreal respectively . However, so far this season, the Spaniard's strengths and weaknesses have been quite obvious. Being able to fight the opponent 0-0 for two consecutive rounds not only proves that they are doing a good job defensively, but also reflects that their offensive power is obviously insufficient. This is largely due to the feeling that the team's two main forwards, De Thomas and Puedo, did not score last season.

The strength of the two teams is relatively close, but from the perspective of the state so far this season, the Mallorca team is more eye-catching than the Spaniard, and their home games are relatively secure, but The data failed to support them. Therefore, this game is more optimistic about Spain's undefeated.

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