Daily Football Match Prediction: Featured two Swedish Super League, Portuguese Super League, La Liga (contains score views)

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Personal opinion: Sirius’s performance this season is not at the same level as Solna, and Solna’s performance this season has indeed improved, and his recent performance is also in a two-game winning streak. , The morale of the team soared. In addition, Solna has an undefeated record against Sirius in the past six times, and he can score five games. Solna, who has an absolute advantage in the battle, will surely be able to score three consecutive victories. Score: 0-1 0-2 1-2

Sweden Super League: Varberg VS Orebro

Varberg's recent situation: Varberg’s last round of the league home game was 0-0 against Sirius. The team scored 1 in the last four league rounds. The unbeaten record of wins and 3 draws. Although the team has remained unbeaten recently, it looks beautiful to be unbeaten in five games, but there are four draws. There are too many draws, and the efficiency of scoring has not improved much. They are currently ranked in The thirteenth place is similar to the final ranking of the previous season. It is only 2 points ahead of the relegation zone. This battle will also have a direct dialogue with the relegation opponent Orebro. Varberg has a home league record of 2 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses this season. They have defeated traditional strong teams such as Norrköping and Gothenburg, but they were unable to defeat their opponents when facing relegation teams.

Orebro's recent situation: Orebro's last round of the league home game 2-2 Draw with Miyalbi. The team has achieved an unbeaten record of 1 win and 2 draws in the last three rounds of matches. They forced Solna at home and defeated Sirius on the away game. The team’s recent performance is worthy of recognition. Lost, swept away the previous seven-game losing streak. However, Orebro still has serious problems on both ends of the offense and defense. They scored the fewest goals in the Swiss Super League and conceded the most goals in the Swiss Super League. They are currently ranked third from the bottom, and there is a certain element of luck. Orebro's guest league record this season is 2 wins and 5 losses. He has not yet won a draw, and his performance is very ups and downs.

Personal point of view: Varberg drove high this season, and gradually exposed the problem of insufficient stamina for the newly promoted team. The home and away teams are equally strong. At a basic level, the move of the agency's promotion is suspected to be optimistic about the listing. Orebro can defend, so this game is optimistic about the visiting team's undefeated. Score: 1-1 1-2 2-2

Portuguese Super League: Boavis Tower VS Ferreira

Recent Boa Vista: Boa Vista’s performance last season was relatively mediocre, and finally ranked only in the league In the downstream position, the team has a certain reinforcement in the new season. A total of 6 players have joined. Elis and Nijie scored 13 goals for the team last season and shoulder the heavy responsibility of scoring. The team has been unbeaten and won 4 games against Ferreira in the past 7 times, occupying a psychological advantage. The home court advantage is more obvious, the team has remained unbeaten and won 2 games in the past 3 home games. However, the opening performance was not smooth, and the first round was a 0-3 defeat to Gavicente.

Ferreira's recent situation: Ferreira's performance last season compared to Boavi Star is even better. They successfully broke into the fifth place in the league. The team has a stronger reinforcement in the new season. A total of 9 players have joined. Among them, Douglas and Silva scored 14 goals last season. An important weapon for the team to grab points. The team can quickly enter the competitive state, and the ability in the first half of the past 9 games is invincible. Team play styleIt is conservative. In the past 4 matches, only 1 game with a total of more than 2 goals, is not good at playing away. There have been 5 losses in the past 8 away games. The away defensive performance is relatively poor. The team has nearly 9 away games each. Both have conceded goals.

In terms of historical confrontation, Boavista has remained unbeaten against Ferreira for the past 7 times and has 4 victories. He has a clear psychological advantage. The initial Asian data Boavista made a high start at -0.25, and the market outlook was adjusted to the middle position earlier. The support was significantly weakened and failed to reflect the due home court advantage. Ferreira is expected to retire in this game. Score: 1-1 0-0 0-1

La Liga: Elche VS Bi Athletic Erbao

Elche's recent situation: Elche, who played in La Liga as a newly promoted last season, won 38 league matches and scored 8 wins, 12 draws and 18 The negative record eventually exceeded the relegation zone by 2 points, barely completing the relegation goal. It is worth noting that Elche's offensive and defensive performance was not ideal last season. Throughout the season, he averaged less than one goal per game and conceded as many as 55 goals. In addition, judging from the team's pre-season preparations, offensive efficiency has improved to a certain extent. In the past 6 warm-up games, it has achieved 2 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses.

Recent status of Athletic Bilbao: Athletic Bilbao, in recent years, has been in Mid-stream position in the league. In the 38 league rounds last season, the team finished with 11 wins, 13 draws and 14 losses, and finally ranked 10th in the league. Among them, Athletic Bilbao's away win rate is relatively low. In the 19 away games last season, only 3 of them were won, and the winning rate was only 16%. In the new season, Athletic Bilbao has little action in the transfer market, mainly focusing on promoting new players. At the same time, he performed well in the pre-season warm-up match, achieving 3 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses. In addition to defeating Dortmund, he was able to draw with Liverpool.

Personal opinion: There is a certain gap in the overall strength of the two teams. However, judging from the battle records of the two teams in recent seasons, they have basically won each other's wins and losses. Under the circumstances, there is not necessarily a lack of tension. Under this circumstance, the data compared to last season is clearly biased towards Athletic Bilbao, and the subsequent stage also tends to be stable. Combined with the follow-up trend of wins and losses, Athletic Bilbao in this game is indeed worth watching. Score: 0-1 0-2 1-2

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