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Original title: La Liga preview: Huesca vs Elche match analysis and result prediction, red singles are recommended for free every day

Liu's public push yesterday was one red and one black. I have to say that Ajax is a pity. Penalties were not scored and they were scored directly in the second half. The ball; Fortunately, the Red Devils Manchester United still won the game strongly. In terms of private push, the middle payout 002 was tied, 003 lost the rice, and the low pay was pitted by the weapon master! If it's red, let's keep it as experience, if it's black, let's keep it as a lesson! There are a lot of competitions today, and it's the market for rice collection. Liu is not only an analyst of competition articles, but also an ordinary store owner of physical sports sites! Friends who have been following the public account Da Liu Talking about the ball know that Da Liu’s real offer recommendation is completely free. The content of the article is only the initial opinion. In many cases, the market outlook index will change greatly, and the on-site recommendation is more accurate.

Liu wants to say to his friends who have been black recently: Don’t blame yourself too much or be upset. It can be said that no one can always be popular when playing lottery, no matter how awesome it is. There is also a dark day. At this time, the most important thing is actually two words-mentality. It is very necessary to formulate a good betting plan while maintaining a good state of mind. It is most important to set your own profit-loss ratio upper limit, which is often not possible by many people. This is why some people can only call it "Apprentice", you can come to communicate with Liu in this regard, I believe you will have new gains! The recent sports events are changing rapidly, and the Liu team continues to make persistent efforts to strive for another wave of success! Closer to home, the following recommends a game of 008 La Liga Huesca vs Elche.

Huesca vs Elche in La Liga

Time: 2021-04-10 03:00

Analysis of Huesca's current situation

Huesca has 24 points, ranking third from the bottom. In the early part of the season, Huesca has been at the bottom for a long time. However, the team's recent state is quite good, with 2 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses in the last 6 rounds. In the last two rounds, Huesca not only won 1 draw and remained unbeaten, but also did not lose the ball. In terms of personnel, Antiveros and Gaston Silva, two rotation players, are recovering from their injuries.

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Analysis of Elche's current situation

With 26 points, Elche ranked fourth from the bottom . Elche's away combat effectiveness is extremely poor. The first 15 away games only scored 10 points, ranking second in La Liga. In these 15 away games, Elche scored 12 goals and lost 24. Elche scored a winning streak in the first two away games this season, and then lost 13 consecutive away games. In terms of personnel, all members of Elche are healthy.

Prediction of Liu's team result

Track record of Huesca 2 wins, 5 and 3 Lost, the difference in points between Huesca and Elche is only 2 points. The two teams are relatively close this season and are working hard to protect the group. In addition, the two sides have had 5 draws in the past 10 matches. Optimistic about their fierce battle and peace. In addition, the two sides have played against each other in the past six times, Huesca has never been behind at the end of halftime.

A message from Liu

There is a process of playing football. If you want to collect rice in a stable long-term, you must Stay with you, look at the long-term winning percentage, don't hesitate, you must allocate bets reasonably, as well as mentality management. The ball is round, and each team will have relative ups and downs. There is no victorious general. Some are just unremitting efforts and careful analysis. Although I can’t deliberately pursue consecutive reds, I still hope to hit as much as possible in every game. Do it with your heart, to maintain the brothers who pay attention to me, and fight steadily.

Note: This article was originally created by the official account/Liu Liaoqiu, and it is prohibited to reprint without consent; the article is only the initial opinion, and the result may be affected by data changes earlier. , Please refer to it carefully, the scene is more stable.

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