Today's La Liga football recommendation two-string one-score prediction: Mallorca VS Espanyol

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Time: 2021-08-28 02:00

Match: Mallorca VS Espanyol [La Liga]


Mallorca's recent record of various games shows that the performance of the last 10 games with 7 wins is very good, and the chance of scoring has reached 70%. In this season China is still a bit eye-catching, but Mallorca is not a strong team in La Liga, but this time the team still chooses to position and relegation, especially in the competition between the middle and lower teams, they will definitely do the strongest defense and offense.


The Spaniards have performed the same strengths and weaknesses from the beginning of the season until now. Obviously, in the two consecutive rounds of a draw with their opponents, they must have been adequately prepared defensively. On the contrary, this also reflects that their preparation for scoring is obviously not too adequate. Now it seems that the team has not been able to find a match this season The scoring feel of the season.

Comprehensive analysis:

The strength of the two teams is relatively close, but in terms of the state of the season, Mallorca is more eye-catching than the Spaniard, and Mallorca's home game has always been guaranteed, and the Spaniard is personally optimistic about this game.

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