La Liga match prediction: Huesca vs. Elche, fans exchange and relegation battle is about to start! _ League

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Original title: La Liga match prediction: Huesca vs. Elche, the battle for fan exchange and relegation is about to start!

Yesterday's article published on the entire network was optimistic about Manchester United winning. Although many people said that Manchester United pulled his hips, Lao Zhou is still optimistic about this game! And the two or three goals in this time were also successful. Although Sardinamo is optimistic about winning, Lao Zhou is also looking down on this side. The result is obvious to all. The only regret is that in Ajax, it is regrettable that the defeat is true. pity. But this is also normal, there are always red and black! Lao Zhou also wants to say to my friends who have recently blacklisted: It doesn't matter, don't blame yourself or feel annoyed too much. Since the reason for the blacklist does not lie in the news and technical analysis, then what happened yesterday can be left behind and lost. Just get it back! Lao Zhou, an old fan who focuses on game analysis, a real person, concentrates on doing real things! The daily recommendations are directly open. There are fans and friends who are willing to exchange ideas. I warmly welcome Lao Zhou. Not much nonsense, the popular matches are coming, today we analyze the La Liga Huesca vs Elche match predictions!

Analysis of the home team Huesca of the old week team

Huesca’s recent 2 rounds 1 win and 1 tie, the team's competitive state has improved significantly. Currently, it is 2 points behind the safety zone. In order to fight for relegation, the fighting spirit is definitely full. The final index of the last 5 initial concessions in the hemisphere is 4 wins and 1 loss. In excellent form, he has scored goals in recent rounds. However, Huesca has conceded 44 goals in the league so far this season, ranking fourth from the bottom in the number of goals conceded, and so far this season the league has only won 2 games at home, nearly more than the bottom of Evar.

Analysis of the visiting team of the old week team from Elche

Elche has won 4 pointers in the last 5 rounds of the league , The index trend is not bad, the team leads the relegation zone by 2 points, the pressure to relegation is huge, and the conviction is full. The final index of the last 5 hemisphere concessions is 4 wins and 1 loss. Elche has recently lost 13 consecutive away games in the league, and the away performance has been sluggish. Nearly 10 league games have lost 70% of the away games. So far this season, the league has only scored 12 away goals, only better than 9 goals in Getafe.

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Comprehensive analysis of the old Zhou team

The strength between Huesca and Elche It's very close. It's not an exaggeration to say that the two teams are pecking each other. The two teams are also half-hearted this season. Although Huesca has recently improved on the offensive end, the team's performance on the defensive end is still poor. The team's performance at home is mediocre and there is no home court advantage at all. Elche's recent offensive and defensive ends are also not bright at all, and the team's away game is also in a state that is difficult to find. The two teams have played against each other nearly 6 times. Although Huesca has given certain support in terms of statistics, we believe that Huesca has a chance to sit and hope to win, and the chances of a tie between the two teams are not small.

Note: There is still a period of time before the competition. The final direction of the competition. At that time, I will provide ideas and solutions related to other competitions for your reference. Good market is coming. I hope that all golfers can seize the opportunity and rush for your favorite team!

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