Interpretation of the match on August 27|Overseas Incomings|Russian Super League|Germany Second|La Liga|Netherlands Second|Serie A Score Prediction _ Match

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Original title: Interpretation of the August 27th Event|Overseas Incoming|Russian Super League|Germany Second|La Liga|Netherlands Second|Serie A Score Prediction

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Extremely Featured Chat. Today, I will bring you an interpretation of Friday’s football match information. Just watch the game just a few times! At the end of the article, overseas incoming materials!

Tournament overview:

Friday 001 Russian Premier League Modinamo VS Morino Lokomotiv 2021/8/28 0:00

Dynamo Moscow ranked 7th last season, and now the new season ushered in a highlight At the moment, it is temporarily at the top of the list. The team has been in good shape recently. It has won 5 of the last 6 games. The overall performance is relatively good, and the home level is guaranteed. The probability of scoring in the past ten home games has reached 80%, the face of the opponent seems very confident this time.

Friday 002 Bundesliga Nuremberg VS Karlsruhe 8/28/2021 0:30

Nuremberg scored 1 after the current 4 rounds of Bundesliga League With an outstanding record of winning and 3 draws, Karlsruhe is currently in the league with 2 wins and 2 draws and is also unbeaten. Both teams have a good start to the league. This field agency gave the Nuremberg concession half-and-half data. The Karlsruhe league showed much better dominance than Nuremberg at the beginning of the league. We are optimistic about Karlsruhe's undefeated.

Friday 003 La Liga Mallorca VS Espanyol 2:00 on 8/28/2021

The new season of Mallorca started quite smoothly. They won Alaves 1-0 in the away game. The team won their first victory of the season and their morale improved significantly. In addition, they won 7 games in the past ten games and their form is also very hot. On the other hand, although the Spaniard did not lose in the two rounds of the new season, they did not get three points. The two consecutive draws are still a bit unacceptable for the La Liga champions of last season. This scene is against the newly promoted Mallorca. , I believe the Spaniards are also very familiar with them. Last season they played against each other twice. The Spaniards achieved 1 win and 1 draw. Their track record is in the upper hand. We may be optimistic that the Spaniards can retreat.

Friday 004 Holland B Roda JCVS Almere 8/28 2021 2:00

Roda JC last round of the league guest 4-3 The game process was quite bumpy. The team took the lead in 22 minutes, but fell behind 1-3 in the half of the game. In the second half of the game, Roda JC launched a strong goal. In 4 minutes of the second half, he scored 2 goals in a row and tied. In the final stage of stoppage time, Celarence scored a crucial goal to help the team take all three points. Roda JC scored 2 wins and 1 loss in the first three league games. The team scored 8 goals and lost 5 goals. It is worth mentioning that these 8 goals were scored by 6 players and the team's offense was relatively scattered. Roda JC won all two league games from away games. They had lost 1-2 to the elite team in their only home game before. Roda JC was zero blocked in that game. The opponent scored an own goal. The sample at the beginning of the season was still Less, for the time being, looking at the performance of a few rounds, Roda JC has yet to prove the strength of the team at home.

Friday 005 Serie A Verona VS Inter Milan 2021/8/28 2:45

Inter Milan's last round of Serie A victory 4-0 Genoa, although most of the main players left last seasonThe team, but the team's signing effect is also very obvious, the team's offensive ability is still strong. Verona lost 2-3 to Sassuolo in the first round of Serie A. Verona is positioned in the middle and lower reaches of Serie A. There is a clear gap in strength between the two teams, which supports Inter Milan to make another victory.

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