[Photo] The history of the evolution of the emblems of major clubs in Europe

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The club’s emblem has undergone several stages of changes from the earliest diamond badge to the present, but its essence has always been maintained. This includes the red and yellow flag of Catalonia, the four yellow and four red bars are the national flag of Catalonia, and the letters "F.C.B.". There is a red cross on the emblem. It is the patron saint of Catalonia, Sant Jor (Santa Jordi is the spelling of St. George in Catalan. Legend has it that Sant Jordi helped people fix the dragon, saved them, and made them They all believed in Christ. So the King of Catalonia asked Sant Jordi to come and fight for the cross. The famous red and blue on the team badge are said to be inspired by the colors of the hometown of Basel by the founder, Mr. Gamber, or inspired by the red and blue two-color pencils used by the Swiss. That ball is a tribute to the rugby team of Merchant Taylor, a public school in England that helped the team establish in 1899.

1899Year to1906year

During this period, FC Barcelona adopted the city emblem of Barcelona,It’s just that they added a laurel symbolizing champion to the city emblem.Corolla and a bat. Around the pattern they wrote the name of the club and the date of establishment.

1906Year to1920year

This is the club’s first official team badge,The abbreviation of the full name of the club has been added to itFCB(FC Barcelona)。

1920Year to1936year

The team logo of this period is very different from the previous ones,The graphics are more prominent,Yellow narrow strips dotted between blue and red strips,Middle of team badgeIt is a yellow ribbon with stripes on the side.

1936Year to1939year

The club emblem has returned to its previous style,The patterns on both sides have changed back to what they were before,The ribbon in the middle turned black,There are also football patternsChanged.

1939Year to1946year

Franco removed two of the four dark stripes in the upper right corner。 The order of the club abbreviations has also been changed. The color of the ribbon in the middle of the team badge has also changed.

1946Year to1960year

The dark stripes in the upper right corner became four again。 The abbreviated letter of the club name has added "de" to indicate the affiliation, and the appearance of the team logo has also changed.

1960Year to1974year

Team badge changed again,Become more modern,In the initials of the club name“de”Be removed,The ribbon in the team badge turns yellow again。

1974Year to1975year

Club establishment75周year,The team logo changed shape again,The name has also been changed back to the previousF.C.B.(FC Barcelona)。

1975Year to2002year

Team badge changed again,It’s just that it took a long time this time,From1975year直到2002year。

2002Year to今

2002year6moon28day,The new team badge is released,By designer Claret·Serraima Design。 He canceled the dots in the middle of F.C.B. and the numbers on the sides.

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