Today's single off Bundesliga Hoffenheim vs Leipzig Red Bull Italian Cup Juventus vs AC Milan match preview_ Champions League

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Original title: Today’s single off Bundesliga Hoffenheim vs Leipzig Red Bull Italian Cup Juventus vs AC Milan match preview

005 Hoffenheim vs Leipzig Red Bull

2019/20 Bundesliga season

Match time: 2020- 06-13 02:30:00 Saturday

At 2:30 am on June 13, 2020, Beijing time, Hoffenheim will face Leipzig Red Bull at Rheinneka Arena, Hoffenheim The current results are actually not bad, but the head coach was fired recently because of disagreements. At this time, facing the Leipzig Red Bull's visit to the door is undoubtedly a mess.

[Fundamental Interpretation]

According to the information of Xinhua News Agency, Hoffenheim’s management has different opinions on the future development plan of the team. After negotiation, the cooperation with the head coach was terminated early. The last 4 rounds of the league will be jointly guided by 3 assistant coaches and 2 other club echelon coaches. ——Do you guys feel surprised by such news? We must know that Hoffenheim left the marshal Nagelsmann this season and invested in Leipzig. His strong scoring characteristics disappeared, but in terms of the overall season situation, Hoffenheim is currently ranked 7th in the standings. The position of, still has the ability to compete for a place in the European war zone, and behind them there are many larger clubs such as Hertha Berlin, Frankfurt and Schalke 04, so I can honestly say that the head coach of Hoffenheim In fact, it did a good job, and the management made a faint move at this time. It is difficult for us to predict how much impact it will have on the team, but on the surface it will certainly not bring positive factors.

As for Leipzig, under the leadership of Nagelsmann, it has always been in the top three of the standings. At the beginning of the season, it played the momentum of the championship, but the young coach and the young ball The team, interspersed between the league and the Champions League, the ups and downs of the team's state is a commonplace thing. However, in general, whether it is Leipzig’s team or Nagelsmann’s marshal, the positive reviews received this season are undoubtedly positive. Although Leipzig’s recent record is not very popular, it is stable. The winning style is quite suitable for this young team. Compared with another "young and promising" Leverkusen, Leipzig's scoring ability of 2.5 goals per game is beyond doubt.

[Knife brother idea]

The organization gave the initial reference to Leipzig’s 1 goal handicap, and the market outlook increased to 1.25. , Hoffenheim’s home goal concealment rate is relatively high, nearly 10 home games have conceded, and in the face of the top 5 strong teams in the standings, repelled Dortmund and Lele with a score of 2-1. Wakusen, the pros and cons of the scene data are obvious. Hoffenheim’s addiction to losing the ball is not a problem this season. When Nagelsman was coaching before, Hoffenheim was the ball that focused on offense and defensiveness. Team up. Leipzig wants to challenge the two-goal difference game. Dao believes that the odds of winning are still quite high. First of all, because their head coach knows the "predecessor" Hoffenheim well; then the star Werner is in good shape, and Leipzig also has more points to blossom. Ability; In addition, Hoffenheim broke up with the coach and made a mess, casting a shadow on the team's play. Combining various factors together, Leipzig is naturally the first choice for this game, and the tournament is recommended to go heads-up and lose.

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Tournament reference (main +1): Handicap (2.78 3.85 1.89)

Score prediction 0:3 1:3

006 Juventus vs AC Milan

Coppa Italia

Game time: 2020-6-13 Saturday 03:00

Event analysis:

At 03:00 on June 13th, Beijing time, Juventus vs. AC Milan, Juventus is in a good situation to advance, and AC Milan’s offensive power is very weak!

Recent status of Juventus:

1. Strength positioning: Juventus is the top Serie A team and has been monopolizing the Serie A championship in recent years. In Serie A, it is the only one, and the strength is much stronger than other teams. The team continued to perform strongly this season and remains a strong contender for the championship.

2. Basic information: Juventus has a record of 20 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses in 26 games this season. The team performed very well, ranking first in the league with 63 points, but only ahead of the blue behind. The Eagles Lazio scored one point, and the team should not be careless in every game. The team scored 50 goals in 26 league rounds, the offensive power was not bad, the defensive end lost 24 goals, and the defensive end was very stable.

3. Recent status: This is Juventus’s first game after the epidemic, and the status is unknown. The overall state of the team before the epidemic was average. Prior to this, the team lost consecutive away games, and the league points were overtaken by Lazio. At the same time, the away game in the first leg of the Champions League was defeated by Lyon, who was obviously not as strong as his own, and the overall momentum was not good. In the first leg of the Italian Cup semi-finals, Juventus drew with AC Milan 1:1. They played in the open at home and their advantage weakened significantly.

AC Milan's recent situation:

1. Strength positioning: AC Milan is a veteran Serie A giant. The team and Inter Milan were previously called the Milan duo. Known as the top Serie A team, but the team has gradually declined in recent years, only able to linger on the edge of the European theater. This season the team can still only fight for a European seat, and the gap with the league's first group is getting bigger and bigger.

2. Basic information: AC Milan has a record of 10 wins, 6 draws and 10 losses in 26 league matches. The team's performance is very average, accumulating 36 points and ranking seventh in the league. The team is far from the European theater. Naples is three points away. The team scored only 28 goals in 26 league rounds, with very weak offensive power, even fewer goals than the relegation zone teams. Fortunately, the defensive end of the team is fairly stable, which can guarantee the team score.

3. Recent status: AC Milan’s previous league performance was still very good, but the subsequent win rate declined significantly, leading to more and more distant from the European theater. The team’s offensive power is too scarce, which directly leads to the team’s low win rate in the face of underdogs. Even if Ibrahimovic joins, the team’s offensive line has not been improved. At the same time, in the second round of the Italian Cup, Big Ibrahimovic and many powerful players could not play, and the team's strength has declined.

Index analysis:

This time Juventus is at home and AC Milan is playing away. Judging from the strength of both sides, fundamentals and historical battles, strength Juventus occupies an absolute advantage, Juventus in the recent state is slightly better, the confrontation on Juventus crushed opponents. According to the data analysis provided, the index gives a half-one low prize for the main handicap at the beginning, and a high prize for the latter index to increase Juventus' handicap. In this game, Juventus held an away goal and returned to the home court to advance as long as they did not lose the ball. In addition, AC Milan's offensive power was very weak and the striker was severely damaged. Juventus' promotion situation is more favorable. Juventus did not need to win to advance, and the half-one index rose strongly to one goal. The intensity is very strong. You must know that this game is played in the open field. With such intensity, Juventus can easily win at home.

Match reference wins (-1) (1.43 2.42)

Score prediction 0:2 1:2

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