Serie A focus: Juventus vs AC Milan, who can lead the team to secure the Champions League qualification?

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Good morning everyone! There were a total of 44 games yesterday. Football fans who like to watch football should have watched it all at once! Yesterday, Barcelona vs. Atletico Madrid, you came and went, and finally ended flat. Most people shouldn't think of it. This is consistent with Lao Li's article yesterday that he is optimistic about Barcelona's sitting and looking to win! Guashuai will still play. Manchester City is facing Chelsea and directly let the three main players take turns to stay in the Champions League and lose 1:2 at home, but this does not affect Manchester City's Premier League win! Private push 032 Clermont vs. So Xiao Shengsheng is also an accurate hit.

In the recent two series and the number of goals, the continuous closing of meters, the continuous red trend is already irresistible. All major football leagues are blooming, and the good market is coming. I hope all the fans will grasp the direction. Friends who are interested in football and basketball games can continue to pay attention to Lao Li Football Club.

029 Serie A Juventus vs AC Milan

Match time: Sunday 5-10 2:45


Juventus VSAC Milan battle history

The two sides have fought nearly 6 times, Juventus 3 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss, scored 9 goals and lost 7 goals , Big ball 3 times, small ball 3 times


Currently 20 wins, 9 draws and 5 Lost, with 69 points, temporarily ranked third in Serie A. Juventus have a very good home game this season, with 9 wins and 1 loss in nearly 10 home games in the league, scoring 24 goals, conceding 6 goals, offense and defense! Juventus are currently sharing the same score with AC Milan and Atlanta, and they are qualified for the Champions League and are full of fighting spirit. The top scorer Cristiano Ronaldo scored 27 goals this season, ranking first in the scorer list. In the last round of the game, he scored twice to help the team reverse Udinese and is in good shape.

AC Milan

Currently 21 wins, 6 draws and 7 losses, the same 69 points, ranked in the league The fourth place. AC Milan is good at fighting in different places, 8 wins and 2 losses in the last 10 rounds of away games, scored 18 goals, lost 11 goals, and scored far more away points than at home! AC Milan, like Juventus, still has the pressure of the Champions League, and the fighting spirit of this game is not low. However, it should be noted that the top scorer Ibrahimovic has not scored six consecutive rounds of the game, and his state is in a sluggish state.

Summary of the game: This round of competition is an important match for the two teams who can stabilize the qualifications of the Champions League. The two teams fight Full of meaning. Juventus is the home dragon, and AC Milan is good at fighting in different places, this campaign is a strong battle. The two teams have played against Juventus for nearly 6 times with 3 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss. Juventus has certain support in terms of data. In this campaign, Lao Li is optimistic about Juventus sitting at home and looking to win!

The article was published earlier, the news of the event will change at any time, and Lao Li will be more stable. I will provide relevant ideas and results recommendations for your reference. Fans can cheer for your favorite team!

Lao Li said that the ball always thinks that the plan is very important. People have seven emotions and six desires. It is inevitable that there will be various fluctuations in the process of playing football. Insufficiency, not knowing the control are all the disadvantages. Frequent failures will lead to failure. Presumably this is a situation that everyone often encounters. This requires us to pay more attention to the construction of mentality while analyzing the game. In addition, there is professional insight into the competition!

Lao Li focuses on the analysis of major leagues, has his own unique understanding of the competition, and friends who are interested can communicate together.

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