Group E Serbia 1-0 Costa Rica, Kolarov World Wave, Real Madrid goalkeeper performed well

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Original title: Group E Serbia 1-0 Costa Rica, Kolarov World Wave, Real Madrid goalkeeper performed well

Beijing time 20:00 tonight, In the 2018 Russia World Cup group stage group E, a contest was launched, with Costa Rica playing against Serbia. In the first half, both sides had offense and defense. Serbia played more actively, but they failed to break through the opponent's gate. Real Madrid goalkeeper Navas performed well. In the second half, the Serbian team started a fierce attack as soon as they came up. In the 56th minute, Kolarov took a free kick with his left foot and the ball went into the upper right corner of the opponent's goal. Serbia 1-0 Costa Rica.

This campaign is the first encounter between the two teams in history.

This is the fifth World Cup trip for the Costa Rica team. They are the team with the oldest average age (29.6 years) in the top 32. The team has only won 2 wins in the last 10 international A-level matches.

The predecessor of the Serbia team was the Yugoslavia national football team and the Serbia and Montenegro national football team. Since 2006, it has become the Serbian team today. The predecessor of the team faced the North American and Central American teams in the finals three times without losing. In addition, Serbia is the team with the highest average height among the top 32 teams. In May, Tosic, who was officially announced to join Guangzhou R&F, played for the Serbian team.

The first half:

In the second minute, Urenia met Ruiz straight The pass broke into the right wing of the penalty area, but his attack was saved by Stojkovic. In the 12th minute, Guzman made a pass from the left, and Gonzalez headed the goal high without defense. In the 22nd minute, Calvoin fiercely shoveled Tadic and got a yellow card. In the 36th minute, Navas struggled to block Serbia's excellent corner pass. Then Acosta was injured in the fight with Tosic, and the game was interrupted for a few minutes. In the 39th minute, Tosic made a mistake in his penalty area, Boggs stole the ball and scored, Urenia's shot was high. In the 42nd minute, Calvo shot inward from the left rib and the ball went slightly outside the left post. In the 43rd minute, Savage made an undercut shot near the penalty spot, and the linesman raised the offside flag, but the ball was still confiscated by Navas.

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The second half of the game:

In the 50th minute, Serbia won a single-handed chance and was again defeated by Navas Save. In the 55th minute, Serbian captain Kolarov set the ball to the dead corner and finally broke through the door of Navas, Serbia 1-0. In the 56th minute, Guzman's defense lost his position, and he was helpless to pull down his opponent and received a yellow card. In the 66th minute, Costa Rica changed to adjust the striker, and Campbell went into battle. In the 68th minute, the Costa Rican player fell in the penalty area and the referee did not call a penalty kick. In the 73rd minute, Costa Rica strengthened its offense and replaced midfielder Guzman with striker Colindres. After that, neither side had a good chance, and finally defeated Costa Rica with Serbia 1-0.

Costa Rica (5-4-1 ):

Goalkeeper: No. 1 Navas

Defenders: No. 16 Gamboa, No. 3 Giancarlo Gonzalez, No. 6 Duarte, No. 2 A Costa, No. 15 Calvo

Midfield: No. 11 Venegas, No. 20 Guzman, No. 5 Boggs, No. 10 Brian Ruiz

Forward: No. 21 Urenia

Serbia (4-2-3-1):

Goalkeeper: No. 1 Stojkovic

Defenders: No. 6 Ivanovich, No. 15 Milenkovic, No. 3 Tosic, No. 11 Kolarov

Defender: No. 21 Marty Odd, No. 4 Milivojevic

Midfield: No. 10 Tadic, No. 20 Milinkovich, No. 22 Liaic

Forward: No. 9 Mitrovic

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