UEFA Champions League: Sevilla fulfilled his wish

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The Champions League: Sevilla fulfilled its wish

2020-11-24 14:31:13 Share to Favorites The fourth round of the UEFA Champions League group stage will take the lead in two games early on Wednesday morning, one of which will be Krasnodar vs. Sivir. As far as the overall situation is concerned, Sevier is the better side, and at the same time, they also had the last laugh in the first round of the contest. They are optimistic that Sevier can complete a double play against Krasnodar. [More UEFA Champions League information]

Before defeating the underdog Tambov in the last battle, Krasnodar was caught in an embarrassing record of 6 wins and 5 losses in all competitions, including winning and losing goals. The ratio is 5 to 16, including as many as 4 games with a minimum of 3 goals per game, including 2 Champions League matches. The opponents are Chelsea (0 to 4) and Seaville (2 to 3). The team has recently attacked and defended. The two ends are seriously unbalanced, and the overall downturn in recent developments is visible to the naked eye. The defeat in the UEFA Champions League has already been predicted by the fans. After all, in addition to the aforementioned Chelsea and Sevier, there is also Rennes from Ligue 1. After the first three rounds of the group match, this group’s opponents The qualifying situation gradually became clear. With its own hard power far inferior to Chelsea and Sivir, Krasnodar could only compete with Rennes for third place. Margus Bage’s performance is worth noting, as he can contribute 2 goals in the past 3 games, which proves that he has a certain threat. Nevertheless, he took the lead in the first half against Seaville in the first round. , And with one more player in the second half, they were unable to hold the lead. The final reversal by Sivir proved their lack of hard power. This time, Krasnodar is indeed unable to score points. In terms of lineup, goalkeeper M. Shakov is in isolation.

Sivir has a relatively good record of 4 wins and 1 loss in all competitions in the past five battles. Among them, the offensive end can score 2 goals per game, which is unmatched by Krasnodar. Focusing on the Champions League, Sivir currently has the same record as Chelsea, with 2 wins and 1 draw. If nothing else, they will advance together. The suspense lies in who will become the top of the group, so Siville definitely does not want to miss any of becoming a group. The best opportunity. As early as the first round, Sevier had already shown their tenacity to the outside world. Taking Vas (suspended this game) in the last minute of the first half caused the team to face one less kick in the second half, and at the same time the ball The team was still 1-2 behind, but after adjustments in the second half, with Ennisri's brace, they finally completed the reversal, which was quite difficult. What's more commendable is that Sevier also led in the first round with a number of statistics. The total number of shots was 22 to 11, the shots were 11 to 4, the ball possession rate was 62.8% to 37.2%, the pass success rate was 88% to 78%, and corner kicks. 6 to 4, it can be seen that in terms of hard power, they are definitely better than Krasnodar. In addition, Sivir has many attack points. In addition to Ennisri, Esha Dadi, Luke Di Zhuang and Ogampus all have outstanding performances this season. Sivir's trip pointed to victory. In terms of lineup, midfielder Su Su and defender Marcos Aguna were relieved of injury; goalkeeper Paulo and forward Carlos Fernandez were unable to play due to health problems.


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