A complete analysis of the geographical position of the 32 teams in the 2021-22 UEFA Champions League-2 Central and Eastern Europe

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#UEFA Champions League#

Central and Eastern Europe is the largest geographic region in Europe. This land has 10 teams participating in the 2021-22 UEFA Champions League.

Regarding the division of Central and Eastern Europe, different organizations have given a variety of solutions. In order to avoid disputes, this article puts Central and Eastern Europe together for discussion.

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In terms of international exchange rates, Switzerland has the highest GDP per capita in Central Europe, and Luxembourg is second only to Western Europe in the world. The Youth Sports Club is a capital team from Bern in northwestern Switzerland.

However, according to the Swiss Constitution, Bern is only the seat of the Swiss Federal Council and the Federal Parliament. It is not called the capital (Hauptstadt), but the federal city (Bundesstadt). Therefore, Switzerland is a multi-core country, Berne is the administrative center, Zurich is the financial center, Geneva is the diplomatic center, and Lausanne is the judicial center.

Germany, to the north of Switzerland, is the country with the largest economic aggregate in Europe, and North Rhine-Westphalia has the largest economic aggregate in Germany.

There is only one Champions League team in North Rhine-Westphalia this season. The Prussian 1909 ball sports club from Dortmund in the Ruhr industrial area is located in the Dortmund district of Arnsberg with a population of approximately 600,000 people. It is the largest canal port in Germany. The city has the Dortmund-Eames Canal and the Ruhr, a tributary of the Rhine.

There are not many football players in northern Germany. Wolfs ranked fourth in the Bundesliga last season. Fort Sports Club is one of the best.


The city of Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony, was built in the 1930s and has a history of less than a hundred years. It was originally used to house the workers of the Volkswagen car factory. The name of the city at that time was "Stadt des KdF-Wagens bei Fallersleben" (Stadt des KdF-Wagens bei Fallersleben), and "Power from the pleasure car" is the prototype of the Volkswagen Beetle. In May 1945, after the Allied forces occupied here, Renamed it Wolfsburg "Wolfsburg" because there is a castle of the same name built in the Middle Ages.

The Free State of Bavaria in southeastern Germany ranks second in total economic volume in Germany and third in per capita GDP , Second only to the two city states of Hamburg and Bremen, Bayern Munich is located in Munich, the capital of Bavaria.

Munich was the host site of the 1972 Summer Olympics. The city is located at the northern foot of the Alps between the limestone mountains and the Danube. The average altitude is about 500 meters.

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English West Among the five major German, Italian and French leagues, only Bundesliga and Serie A have no capital teams to participate in the Champions League. In the entire former East Germany, only RB Leipzig in Leipzig, Saxony has qualified for the Champions League group stage in recent years. They were the Bundesliga last season. Runner-up, all of this is inseparable from the investment of Red Bull.

In addition to RB Leipzig, Red Bull also has “Red Bull Corps” such as New York Red Bull, Brazilian Red Bull, and Bragantino Red Bull. Among them, Red Bull Salzburg, which was acquired in 2005, is their “old company”. Brother".

It is not surprising that Red Bull entered the football industry from the city of Salzburg in northwestern Austria, because the headquarters of Red Bull is on the outskirts of Salzburg, and the founder, Matt Schitz, is also an Austrian.


Salzburg is the birthplace of the famous musician Mozart. The city is famous for its many Baroque buildings.

Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and other middle-developed countries in the hinterland of Europe have not participated in the Champions League team, but Moldova, which can be called the "European crane tail", is There is a club participating in the Champions League-the Sheriff Football Club in the eastern city of Tiraspol. Since "Sheriff" means "sheriff", it is sometimes translated as "Sheriff Tiraspol". .

Say that Moldova is the most backward country in Europe, not only because its per capita GDP is lower than that of African countries such as Botswana and Equatorial Guinea, but also because it is a country with incomplete territorial sovereignty. The largest river in Moldova is the Transnistria. On the eve of Moldova’s independence from the Soviet Union, a community dominated by Russians and Ukrainians on the east bank of the Transnistria established the "Transnistrian Soviet Socialist Republic of Moldavia", which was soon renamed "Transnistria". The "Riverside Republic of Moldavia", generally referred to as the "Transnistria Republic", occupies approximately 12% of Moldova's territory and 14% of the population. It has not yet been recognized by any UN member state. Interesting Yes, the "Transnistria" and Moldova are not politically unified, but their best teams are participating in the top competition organized by the Moldova Football Association-Moldova National Football League. However, the last 6 championships have been Sharif is monopolized, and Tiraspol, where it is located, is the "capital" and largest city of the "Republic of Transnistria".

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Tiraspol was a military fortress built by the Russian Empire’s Grand Marshal Suvorov here And the rise, so Suvorov's statue is a unique landmark of the city.

Moldova’s northeast direction is Ukraine, and its two clubs will participate in the Champions League.The teams were all formed in the Soviet era. The capital’s Dynamo Kyiv is also the most successful team in the Soviet top football league. It has won 13 championships, 9 of which were in Brezhnev’s time, and Brezhnev was in Ukraine. people.

Kiev was the third largest city in the Soviet Union, second only to Moscow and Leningrad. The wide Dnieper River passes through the city from north to south, dividing it into east and west. Dynamo Kyiv’s home stadium-Olympic National Stadium Located in the old town on the West Bank.

Another Ukrainian team, Shakhtar Donetsk, their current home games sometimes use the Olympic Stadium in Kiev, and sometimes use the Metal Workers Stadium in Kharkiv instead of the Donbass Stadium in Donetsk. why?

Mainly because of the conflict in eastern Ukraine in 2014, the Donbass Stadium was shelled. Due to partial damage to the stadium and safety concerns, the miners moved out of Donetsk, successively in Lviv, Kiev and Kharkov. Tossed.

Ukraine In the east of Russia, there is only one team in the Champions League this season-Zenit St. Petersburg. This club has also won the Soviet top football league championship, which was also called Leningrad Zenit at the time.

Petersburg, facing the Baltic Sea, the Gulf of Finland, was originally a marshland at the mouth of the Neva River. The development and capital of Peter the Great made it a world-class metropolis.

Zenit’s home field is on the island of Cross in the northwest of St. Petersburg. It is now named by the state-owned company Gazprom. This stadium is also the venue for this season’s Champions League final. Which team do you think can win here? "Big Ear Cup"?

This issue of the geographical analysis of the 9 teams participating in the Champions League in Central and Eastern Europe is over. In the next issue, we will focus on Western Europe and Northern Europe, which are the richest in Europe.

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