2016 European Cup Group F schedule

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Group F schedule

Group F-Portugal

Team profile:

As a veteran European football team, after the golden generation completely withdrew from the stage , Ronaldo has been a leader for many years. In the history of the European Cup, the best result of the Portuguese team was the runner-up as the host in 2004. In the competition, Portugal has always had the habit of slow heat. The last European Cup broke through from the dead group and reached the semi-finals all the way, and finally lost the Spanish team on the penalty spot. As for how far you can go in the European Cup, the first match of the group stage is crucial. However, the Portuguese team has always had a bad start, and playing against a strong team may stimulate the Portuguese team's combat effectiveness. In the 2000 European Cup, Portugal won against Germany and England, and finally reached the semi-finals but was eliminated by Qi Zu's golden penalty.

Historical data:

Best score: runner-up (2004) Head coach: Fernando Santos team history best scorer: Cristiano Ronaldo (55 goals) Best scorer in active service: Cristiano Ronaldo (55 goals)

Team history playing record: Luis Figo (127 games) Active playing record: Cristiano Ronaldo (123 games) Football association establishment time: 1914

A total of 135 entries The results were 76 wins, 29 draws and 30 losses, 234 goals and 127 goals were missed in the final stage. 28 games were played. The results were 15 wins, 5 draws and 8 losses. 40 goals and 26 goals were lost.

107 Field, the result was 61 wins, 24 draws and 22 losses, 194 goals and 101 goals lost. . However, in the Brazil World Cup, the Portuguese team has shown signs of declining strength, which is directly related to the decline in the level of Ronaldo’s athletics. The defenders Pepe, Carvalho, Bruno Alves and others are older and will become shortcomings in defense. Although the midfield strength is acceptable, the problem of Portugal's lack of outstanding centers in recent years has not been resolved. The team's offensive firepower depends on Ronaldo, but CR7 does not like to play center.

Predict the main lineup (4-3-3):

Patricio/Eliceu, Pepe, Ricardo Carvalho, Coentran /Moutinho, Danny, William Carvalho/C Ronaldo, Nani, Edel


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