Manchester United’s FA Cup rotates 9 people, not only to prepare for the top of the Premier League, but also to examine the players. _ Van der Beek

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The intention is to observe the players

In fact, in addition to allowing the main players to fully rest and prepare for the make-up, there is also a significance to observe the performance of some players and the cooperation between players of different formations.

In the first 20 minutes of the first half, it can be said that today’s lineup was very successful. James’ left breakthrough created a lot of trouble for Watford. The opening 4 minutes His goal was made on the left. Telles, Van der Beck, and James are very active on the left, and Van der Beck also has a few very beautiful passes, especially the pass on the heel. Uncle Tower didn't score, but he has seen Van der Beck's technique and insight on the court.

The performance of Teles in the back line is also remarkable, but Williams on the right has a mediocre performance in the first half There were many mistakes in the field, and the second half began to enter the state, but the defense on this side is indeed not as robust as Wan Bissaka on the field.

Lin Huang played pretty well today, but he has not played for a long time and he still needs to adapt. After all, he is playing the British Championship team and the intensity is not so strong. Mata and James are very active. James The characteristics of the ball are also very clear, fast, strong impact, but the combination of the ball is not good, several times the ball was not controlled well, which caused the frontcourt to be interrupted, and too many opportunities for wasted shots. Aoki's performance in this field is also very average. For a long time, he can't see people. The body still needs to be strengthened. The technique is available and the speed is also OK. Even when the body is a bit thin in one-on-one, it still needs to be strengthened.

The combination of McTominay and Van der Beck is different from the combination of McTominay and Fred< /h1>

Today’s double defensive midfielder Sochau discharged the combination of McTominay and Van der Beck. There are some differences in the way of playing on the field from Fred’s combination. Fred and Thor When Minay was on the field, they had a very tacit understanding between them, the distance between them was kept very good, and they could be the team's first line of defense, with a balance of offense and defense. Van der Beek and Tominai’s partner are completely different. Baker likes to move forward. Many times he is in the penalty area with James and Tress on the left. He has a strong willingness to attack, so that he is left behind in the midfielder position. Minai helped the defense to defend by himself, so this is why you can see Tomina back in the backcourt today.

These two combinations have their own strengths, but if you focus on defense, it’s Tominai He is more stable with Fred. If you focus on offense, you can consider using Van der Beck. The player attributes are different, which allows you to develop corresponding tactics for different opponents, which also gives Solskjaer one more choice.

In general, Sochow’s formation today has achieved the effect he wants, and he has seen everything he wants to see. The next step is to change in the league. I personally think that Van der Beck’s playing time will increase. Recently, many famous players have also paid attention to this matter. After all, the summer of the European Cup is approaching, and everyone wants to play with the team to get honor.

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