PUMA becomes the official match ball sponsor of the English Football League (EFL) _ League

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Original title: PUMA has become the official match ball sponsor of the English Football League (EFL)

PUMA, the world’s leading sports brand, announced its partnership with the English Football League ( EFL) has established a long-term partnership. Starting from the 2021/22 season, PUMA will provide official match balls for all matches under the English Football League, including the Sky Bet Championship, League One, and League One. League Two and Carabao Cup and Papa John's Trophy.

The signing of the agreement marks that the English Football League has joined PUMA’s growing football family. The German sports brand is now the official match ball sponsor of La Liga. When the two parties announced their cooperation, they also announced the official game ball for the 2021/22 season. This new game ball is based on PUMA's latest football technology and aims to complement the exciting EFL events. The traditional white sphere is added with a sphere pattern with the color of the EFL logo to make this football more dynamic. At the same time, PUMA will also provide a winter version with a fluorescent yellow appearance. In addition, the Carabao Cup and Papa John's Cup competitions will also have color matching styles specially designed for them.

PUMA UK regional general manager Ben Hughes (Ben Hughes) said: "We are very I am happy to cooperate with the English Football League. Whether it is league or cup matches, EFL will inspire fans’ dreams and unite the community. There will be 1891 games next season. We can’t wait to use our professional product knowledge and innovation to play our role. At the same time, it proves that PUMA is one of the most trusted sports brands in the world!"

EFL Chief Commercial Officer Ben Wright added: "We are very happy to cooperate with PUMA Cooperation to make it our new official game ball supplier. As a mature global brand, we are very happy to see this new product used in the 2021/22 season and in the next few seasons with league subordinate games. PUMA Not only does it cooperate with leagues, clubs and players, but also pushes the game forward through its impressive grassroots football and community work."

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