Operational experience of non-top leagues: EFL trains fans from 7-year-old children

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In the English Champions League, the most popular Newcastle United team encountered a home game and even attracted more than 51,000 people to watch. Even ignoring the support of Newcastle United fans, the audience for the British Championship is much higher than last season. According to the statistics of the English Football League, the latest record for the number of spectators in the English Championship is 19,876, which is an increase of 13% over last season.

Compared to last season, the League One and League Two have also shown an upward trend. "We created a new generation of fans," said Paul Barber, the director of the English Football League. At the same time, he is also the chief executive of the British championship team Brighton and Hove Football Club. The team's home stadium was opened to the public in 2011, and the average number of seats exceeded 27,000.

Before taking over the Brighton club, Barber also played in the English Football League and the Premier League. Tottenham and MLS Vancouver White Caps have held executive positions. He said: "The treatment of fans is better than ever before-clubs are actively responding to fans and interacting with fans. The audience under the age of 18 is growing rapidly."

"Sometimes, I feel disappointed because fans do not accept modern football. But the situation in the past was worse. What really impresses people is the depth of English football. All the factors integrated together affect a generation. It’s also created everything that people admire."

The attendance increase brought about by multiple factors

It has been a long time since the trough of English football in the 1980s. At that time, football violence and racism hindered the development of football, causing the British Football League 4 to face a low attendance rate from 1984 to 1986.

Barber said that the increase in the British crown’s attendance is due to many factors, including Outstanding performance on the field, interesting overseas players, excellent coaching team, improved level of local players, brand new stadiums, safe and friendly environment, advanced facilities, and effective interaction with local communities.

The above improvements are inseparable from the substantial revenue agreement for television broadcasting rights and the Premier League’s funding for the lower leagues. It can be said that the Premier League, as one of the most successful football leagues in the world, has played a role model for other leagues.

"The English Premier League is of course a very strong league. The League One and League Two seem to be closely following the pace of the British Championship. The English Football League is a great league. The only thing that can make it slightly inferior is the more successful Premier League," said Ian Lenagan, chairman of the English Football League. "The community activities of the English Football League clubs are very important. If you put your mind on supporting your Community, they will come to watch your team’s game."

Lannagan said Due to the promotion in the community field, some young people began to support local teams. And their parents had supported Premier League teams such as Liverpool and Manchester United. "But it will take a generation of training, about a 15 to 20 year cycle." He said.

A local team that attracts young fans

The typical case is the English championship team Huddersfield team. In order to attract young fans, the team has reached a cooperative relationship with 190 local schools, subsidized the ticket price of the "Unity Payment" paid by the Premier League, and opened the training ground to the public.put. The team will send a player to distribute team jerseys to children who have reached the age of seven. Brighton and Hove, which have reached cooperation agreements with 124 schools, will also have similar agreements.

"Many clubs do this," said Huddersfield's head of marketing David Threlfall-Sykes." About ten years ago, we did some research and found that many of our supporters are older. And when the children are about 7 years old, they will decide which team to support."

"You can often see Premier League games on TV. Huddersfield’s children will probably choose one to support after watching the games. The team-so we have to create affordable and interesting opportunities for them to support the Huddersfield team. We have created a fan community for this."

In Kazakhstan In Desfield, children under the age of 8 can watch a game for just £1. And if the 8-18 year old group buys a season pass, the cost per game is only £3. In contrast, if you want to watch a game of a Premier League team, the cost may be equivalent to the cost of an entire season in Huddersfield. Therefore, it is almost impossible for children to want to watch the Premier League giants.

"You can make football as attractive as possible, but only if the audience can afford it." Huddersfield Fans Association Secretary James Sisham (James Chishem) said.

"The (Huddersfield) club’s extreme emphasis on credibility has attracted more and more More children watch the game. If they can’t afford tickets, they will watch football on TV and start to support teams like Manchester United and Arsenal."

The average attendance of the Huddersfield team is 20,000, an increase of 50% from last season. The Premier League team Sheffield United had more than 20,000 home-season spectators, and the British Second Division Portsmouth had an average attendance of nearly 17,000 people-more than their overtime spectators in England during the 1987-1988 season.

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