The first Asian summit of the English Football League was held, looking forward to in-depth cooperation with Asia

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"This summit is part of the strategy to realize the internationalization of the English Football League. Raising our knowledge in the Asian region is expected to attract more attention and investment to our games. "Sean said.

The in-depth development of the global cooperation network will benefit the EFL's three-tier leagues, a total of 72 The development of the club. The Northampton Club from League One has just received investment from China’s 5U Sports. Club Chairman Kevin Thomas mentioned: “For a football club, having a partner from China, 5U Sports, is something that makes us very excited. We are willing and believe that there will be more opportunities to communicate with Chinese football. At present, both the English Football League (EFL) and English clubs have seen opportunities to cooperate with Asia, and the global development of the English Football League (EFL) impressed us Profound."

The day after the summit, the Carabao League Cup (Carabao Cup) The third round of the draw The ceremony will still be held in Beijing. Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and other Premier League teams will enter the Carabao League Cup championship through the draw. As one of the events regulated by the England Football League (EFL), the Carabao League Cup is popular with fans all over the world.

With the launch of EFL’s global promotion strategy, especially in Asia, I believe More fans can experience the charm of English football in depth! 5U Sports will also continue to work hard to promote the development of the industry. Return to Sohu to see more


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