Due to the epidemic, the EFL wants to extend the English League, which may cause a collision with the European Cup _ PP Video Sports Channel

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On January 4th, Beijing time, according to the content published by Ben Rumsby of the "Daily Telegraph", due to the current severe outbreak of the new crown in the UK, the English Football League may not be completed on time. If the league cannot be completed on time, English Football In the league (EFL), the schedule will be extended.

"The Telegraph" received news that the EFL has no intention of suspending the current football game. If it is determined that the existing football league in England cannot be completed on time, the EFL will find ways to extend the schedule, rather than streamlining or even cutting the schedule. EFL is confident that before the end of May, those currently postponed games will have a way to compare them.

Is it possible that due to the increased number of delayed games, the season cannot be completed in May? EFL does not rule out this possibility. In that case, the season will be extended to June. Last season, due to the new crown epidemic, the League One and League Two did not complete all matches. According to the current news, this season both League One and League Two will complete all their rounds, regardless of the current schedule. It is better to extend the cycle of the game to finish all the games.

EFL was talking about an aid project before, the content is the English Premier League, the English Premier League and the English Second League aid 250 million pounds. Without fans watching the game, the impact on these teams will be even greater. This project finally completed the agreement last month. Due to the reduction in matches between League One and League Two last season, EFL refunded a portion of the expenses of TV broadcasters such as Sky Sports.

But now there is a problem. If it is said that the football matches in England are extended, then this may cause crashes in the English Football League and the European Cup. The European Cup will open on June 11. If the league cannot end in June, there will be issues with player contracts.


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