Premier League, EFL oppose Wenger's World Cup plan

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Both the Premier League and EFL have expressed their opposition to hosting the World Cup every two years.

These leagues are members of the Europa League group, which said in a statement on Thursday morning that it "resolutely and unanimously opposed" FIFA to reduce the gap between show tournaments from four years to two years s plan.

The statement read: "The league firmly and unanimously opposes any proposal to host the FIFA World Cup every two years.

"The league will cooperate with other stakeholders to prevent football governing bodies To make unilateral decisions that harm domestic football, which is the foundation of our industry and is of vital importance to clubs, players and fans in Europe and around the world.

"At the continental level and/or at the global level, new matches, revised matches or expanded matches of club and national football are not solutions to the current game problems in our already crowded schedule.

"Football schedules definitely require the consent of all stakeholders, and can only be the result of a delicate balance between club and national team football and between domestic and international club football. "

The European League represents 37 member competitions, including La Liga, French Ligue, Serie A and Bundesliga.

In May, the FIFA General Assembly agreed to compete against each other at the request of the Saudi Arabian Football Association. Feasibility study for calendar changes.

Wenger, the former Arsenal coach and current head of FIFA’s global development, is consulting the audience on these plans and will speak to the media on Thursday afternoon.

European football supporters wrote to UEFA President Alexander Severin last week, expressing doubts about these plans, and the UEFA President responded by expressing his own “serious concerns”.


Earlier this week, the European Club Association (ECA) stated that consultations are the key. Its new chairman and Paris Saint-Germain chairman Nasser Al-Khelaifi said it would not make “unilateral” The decision is crucial.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino (Gianni Infantino) said on Wednesday that he hopes the member associations of the world governing body will make a decision before the end of the year.


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