Football wealth: from the middle of the league to the relegation zone, Birmingham was deducted 9 league points for violating fiscal rules _ loss

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Birmingham believes that the punishment they received was too severe. Under the original Fiscal Fairness Act, due to excessive spending during the 2013-14 season, Queens Park Rangers reached a £42 million settlement agreement with the EFL in January 2018 and accepted a short-term transfer ban. Bournemouth and Leicester City have also reached a settlement agreement with the EFL for violating the Fiscal Fairness Act.

The high salary during Zola and Redtnapp’s coaching cost Birmingham £202 million in 2018 They also suffered a loss of 37.5 million pounds in the fiscal year that ended in June 2008. In addition, they ignored the transfer ban last summer and signed defender Peterson. The EFL initially refused to register for Peterson, but after reviewing the deal from a legal perspective, gave him the green light 2 days before the start of the season. The EFL is disappointed by Birmingham's ignorance of the transfer ban. Peterson has represented the team in 30 games.

And losing 9 points dropped their ranking to 18th, only high with 8 games left 5 points out of the relegation zone. Before the points were deducted, Birmingham ranked 13th in the Champions League with 50 points, 14 points higher than the relegation zone and only 7 points away from the play-off seat. However, the recent 4-game losing streak made them lose the initiative to upgrade.

In the next few weeks, they will face a severe schedule. The last three games will be upgraded opponents West Brom, Leeds United and Sheffield United. Before the final game against Reading, they will also meet relegation opponents Ipswich, Lutherham and Wigan Athletic.

In a statement on Friday, Birmingham stated that the club has taken measures to ensure that future expenditures are within an acceptable range. Since August last year, they have been abiding by the transfer ban imposed by the EFL. Birmingham will have 10 days to appeal, although the championship standings have been revised. Later this year, Birmingham will have to publish annual accounts, and if they hit the 39 million pounds loss line again, they will face further penalties.

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