British football scandals frequent, fifth-level league fans enter the field to beat players

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There have been scandals in English football recently, and the leagues with less attention have not been idle. In the home game of Kinderminster against Stoke last weekend, an away team fan rushed into the field during the game and attacked home team player Lee Vaughan. At that time, the match went on to 51 minutes, with Anthony Malbun's goal, the home team led 1-0, able to maintain the hope of upgrading. And this game is the key to the relegation of Stoke Port, and the visiting team fans are extremely anxious. After a player of the home team was assaulted, more and more fans of the away team poured into the court. It is worth noting that there were no security measures in this game. In the end, the referee took both players out of the court and notified the police station to dispatch police. Drive out the troubled fans. As a result, the game was interrupted for about half an hour before it could be resumed.

The FA sent a fan control consultant in the match at the time. At the same time, they will also wait for the referee’s post-match report to determine the penalties afterwards. Inquiries about both clubs and referees are indispensable. . And Kinderminster’s official Twitter claimed that not only Lee Vaughan was attacked on the team.

According to the latest rumors on Twitter, the home team’s stadium can accommodate up to 6,238 spectators, and 6,453 spectators flooded in on the day of the game. This is not an individual problem. There may be more In this game, the problem of British football is awaiting investigation by the FA.


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