What is school football in the UK? What is different?

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What is BUCS

BUCS (British University & College Sports) is the management organization of higher education sports in the UK. It is a membership organization and a limited company guaranteed by charitable organizations. BUCS was established in June 2008. It was formed by the merger of the former BISA (British Universities Sports Association) and UCS (University College Sport), committed to "creating the best university sports experience in the world." BUCS is responsible for organizing more than 50 sports activities between more than 170 universities and colleges in the UK (approximately more than 5,800 teams participate in 120 championships each year), as well as the organization of the World University Championships and the World University Games representative teams.

The above are all components of the BUCS domestic competition. Taekwondo is not one of the main events but students are encouraged to participate in the

BUCS football league system

The BUCS Football League is the largest sport in British higher education, with more than 450 male and female teams competing in 100 different leagues.

The league is divided into two Premier-level regions, north and south, covering five regions in Scotland, north, central, west and southeast. Each of these five regions has a top regional league (Tier 1), and the lower ones will be further divided into A, B, C grades based on geography. Men's football has a total of seven levels (Premier to Tier 7), while women's football has five levels (Premier to Tier 4).

In addition to the lowest level in each area, each level has six teams participating. Leagues with six or less teams adopt a home and away double-round system, while those with seven or more teams will only play one game at home or away. The winners and runners-up of the two Premier divisions will play in the Championship finals in a knockout manner. Tier 1 teams enter the Trophy finals, and Tier 2 and lower finals will be the Conference Cup. Every year, the bottom of the Premier level and the Tier 1 champion team will have a promotion and promotion playoff at the end of the season. The promotion and promotion between the remaining groups will be completed automatically according to the ranking, and there will be no playoffs.

Legend of BUCS Football League Structure (for reference only)

Why British campus football only stays on campus

Many friends know Many professional clubs in the United States will select talents from colleges and universities through campus sports events, but this is not the case in the United Kingdom. British campus football faces semi-professional athletes rather than professional athletes. Those who want to become professional athletes often take another development path. The British professional club system is very mature and saturated. Every town or even a small village will have its own football team, and they will also be supported by the local people. Throughout the entire English football league system, there are more than 140 independent leagues, more than 480 groups, and a total of 7000+ football teams (5300+ clubs). It was also mentioned in our previous video, pure professional clubs. There are also as many as 92, which is completely unmatched by American football. Among them, Lanka County has the largest number of teams. The following picture shows the distribution and level of teams in Greater Manchester and Merseyside. You can feel it.

The distribution and level of Manchester and Merseyside teams

​​This situation has directly led to the fact that “going to college” and “playing professionally” in the UK have become With two completely different paths, almost no one will want to become a professional player by playing on the school team, and their school team experience will not help players develop their career paths. Students play campus football only out of love, even if their level in the school team is very high, it is limited to students, and it is completely incomparable to professional or even semi-professional.

Some personal experiences and feelings of the door

The atmosphere of football in the United Kingdom is really nothing to say, so that in fact, the BUCS official promotion of football is far less powerful than some other projects. , Such as rugby, cricket, hockey, etc. But this will not affect the enthusiasm of the students in the school for football. During the school, I have watched the games between the various colleges in the school. The finals were in March, but at that time the UK was experiencing the strongest wave of cold. In the evening, the temperature became icy, but the sidelines were still full of students who came to support their colleges. They may come to the scene half an hour to an hour earlier with a dozen beers. Some colleges even have their own chants, which can be applied to everyone instead of basically changing the lyrics. (Of course, there are also chants, usually for players ), is really their own chant! Cheers and cheers resounded through the sports center, and I couldn't imagine that this was just a game between two academies within a school.

Students who play well in the school team often sign with some local semi-professional teams. Of course, as mentioned earlier, some will also be selected to represent the national team in competitions.

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