The 6th round of the Turkish Super League report: Fenerbahçe 2-1 Girissensburg, Özil, Kadioglu made contributions

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Oke Sports report: September 24, 01:00, Beijing time, in the 6th round of the Turkish Super League, Fenerbahçe vs. Gillisonsburg. Özil and Kadioglu scored. In the end, Fenerbahçe defeated Gillisonsburg 2-1.

The statistics of the 6th round of the Turkish Super League: Fenerbahçe project Gillisensburg 57 possession rate 43 7 shots 6 6 corner kicks 2 13 free kicks 20 1 offside 1 19 fouls 12 2 yellow cards 1 0 red cards 0 1 save 2

List of players: Fenerbahçe: 1-Baintir, Altay, 3-Jin Minzai, 41-Attila, 4-S. Aziz, 10-Ozil, 20 -Gustavo, 8-Yandas, 16-Kadioglu, 21-Osai-Samuel, 13-Enna Valencia, 9-Diego Rossi

Gillisonsburg: 1-Piri, Onurkan, 5-Yauru, Zeji, 16-A. Bijic, 25-Bonila, 2-Diarra, 24-F Ravio, 8-Traore, Armido, 6-Perupesi, 18-Diabat, 7-Serginho, 11-Valde

Technical statistics: Fenerbah Chegirissensburg’s total value of 114.45 million-injury value-average age 2727 average height 182179 goals averaged 1.92.1 goals per game 0.90.5 average possession rate 56.35% 49.2% UEFA Cup

The UEFA European Championship (UEFA European Championship) (ie: the European Cup) is the highest level of national football competition among the member states of the UEFA. It was held for the first time in 1960 and every four years thereafter Held one session. The name of the event was the European Nations Cup when it was founded, and then it was renamed the European Football Championship in 1968.


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