Recalling the history of Arsenal, Gilberto Silva, one of the heroes who won the championship undefeated that year, _ midfielder

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With his outstanding performance in the 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea, Gilberto Silva became famous on this international stage and successfully attracted the attention of many mainstream European league teams. Among them, Premier Wenger, the leader of the Premier League team, Arsenal, highly praised him, so he decided to buy the Brazilian midfielder for 4.5 million pounds in the summer of 2002. When he first came to London, although Gilberto Silva scored a winning goal when he was back in the Community Shield against Liverpool in his debut match, helping the team beat the opponent and win the championship, it took time to adapt to local life and the style of the Premier League. In addition, at that time, the team’s position in the main selection was occupied by its compatriot Eto, so in the first half of the season it was not able to securely occupy the position in the main selection; To Silva got more and more opportunities to play and gradually became the team’s main midfielder. Although he failed to help the team successfully defend the league, he defeated Southampton 1-0 in the FA Cup final at the end of the season and succeeded. Defending champion.


At the end of the 2003/04 season, he has become the team’s defending Jill Berto Silva played in 32 league games for the team throughout the season and scored 4 goals. In the midfield, with both offensive and defensive highlights, he successfully helped the team control the midfield and became the team's historic role in the season. The unsung hero who successfully won the Premier League championship with an unbeaten posture throughout the season, and the end of these seasons is definitely the peak of the Brazilian midfielder's career. However, Gilberto Silva suffered a back injury at the beginning of the following season, and he returned after 7 months of recuperation. The season failed due to the emergence of Chelsea led by Mourinho. Successfully defended his title in the league, but in the FA Cup final defeated Manchester United with a penalty kick to win the championship.

With the captain and midfielder Vieira leaving the team and switching to Juventus in the following season, Gilberto Silva's role in the team has become more and more important, although once again he failed to dominate the league, In the FA Cup, they failed to defend their title, but they helped the team achieve good results in the Champions League with the high performance praised by all walks of life. After qualifying, they defeated Real Madrid, Juventus and Villare in the knockout stage. Yar and other teams successfully reached the finals, facing La Liga class tyrants Barcelona, ​​playing one less but leading by one goal most of the time, being reversed by the opponent with two goals in a row and losing the championship, it fell short.

In the following season, Gilberto Silva was assigned as the team’s penalty executioner, so he scored 10 goals in the league, which was also the season with the most goals in his career; but as young In order for the French midfielder Faminni to take his place in the following season, Gilberto Silva decided to leave the team in the summer of 2008 and switch to the Greek powerhouse Panathinaikos. During the three seasons at the end of Panathinaikos, Gilberto Silva became the team's main midfielder, helping the team win the 2009/10 season-end league and the La Cup double championship; after this, The veteran returned to Brazil, played for Gremio, and finally returned to Atletico Mineiro in 2013. At the end of the season, he announced the high boots after helping the team win the South American Liberty Cup, ending his playing career.


At the beginning of Atletico Mineiro’s defensive position and outstanding performance, Gilber To Silva was recognized by the then national team coach Scolari in 2001 and was drafted into the army. In the second half of the World Cup qualifying match against Chile in October, Tosilva made his first appearance in Brazil as a newcomer to the national team. It was also unexpectedly selected for the 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea, and played with the army. At that time, many people believed that this midfielder who lacked international experience should only be the team's reserve, but with the selection of the defender and the captain Emerson was injured in training before the game and wanted to retire. Gilberto Silva got the opportunity to play 7 games for the team in a positive posture, partnering with former Middlesbrough star Juninho to form The offensive and defensive and efficient midfield line, with its excellent defensive awareness and excellent ability to control offensive and defensive rhythms, combined with the invincible 3R of the frontcourtPlay and help the team advance to the final with a complete victory, and defeated Germany in the final to win the World Cup 5 championships, while Gilberto Silva is regarded as the team's unsung hero. Although he failed to become the national team, he must be selected for the position, but Gilberto Silva was often selected for the national team. He played for the country in the 2006 and 2010 World Cups. Then help the team win the Hercules Cup. Over the years Gilberto Silva has played 89 games for Brazil and scored 3 goals. In addition to helping the team win the 2002 World Cup, he also won the 2005 and 2009 Intercontinental Cup of Nations for the country. And the 2007 America's Cup champion.

Gilberto Silva has an excellent ability to read the game and a wide field of vision, his ball control ability is very high, with the beautiful footwork of a traditional Brazilian player, but the style of play is never fancy , On the contrary, it is simple and straightforward, tough defense, first-rate sense of position, and high tactical execution, good at controlling the rhythm of the game, plus its precise long pass, and has always maintained a high level of performance, so it is definitely a comprehensive play. In the field, the player era is regarded as one of the top defenders in the world. After hanging up his boots, Gilberto Silva served as a TV commentator and returned to Panathinaikos as a technical director, but left the team after only seven months in office. The former Brazil international also attended the public from time to time. Activities and veteran exhibition games. Brazil can win the World Cup five times, and Arsenal can create an undefeated history of winning the championship. Many people have focused on 3R and the excellent performance of the midfielders such as Henry and Pires, but in fact Gilberto Silva The quiet performance in the midfield, coupled with a stable level, relieved the two teams from worries, and is definitely the most important member of the two legendary teams.

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