1:0! The favorite to win the championship has four consecutive victories, but Wang Shuang feels sad when he is overwhelmed by the Women's Super League

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On September 2nd, Beijing time, the Women's Super League ushered in the fourth round of competition. A closely watched match was launched between the favorite to win the championship and the Beijing Beikong Women's Football Team. After 90 minutes of hard work, the favorite to win the championship. Surprisingly, he won the opponent with 1:0, four games and four wins and remained unbeaten. His performance was remarkable; Miss Asia-Wang Shuang, looked at a loss in the face of the Super League. In the first four rounds, there was no one. It is worth discussing what it means to be able to play the whole game and feel sad.


The Super League is coming, ten teams are competing on the same field, and they continue to offer exciting games for the fans, which makes the fans look forward to it. According to relevant statistics, the opening ceremony has attracted the attention of more than 5 million fans, which is the best proof. Among them, the performance of Wuhan Chedujiang University Women's Football Team is particularly eye-catching. The team includes several national teams as the absolute main force, including Asia. Miss Wang Shuang, national women's football captain Wu Haiyan and Wang Shanshan, Han Peng, Liu Shanshan, Yao Wei and many other top domestic players, the overall strength of which is further compared with last season, has become the favorite to win this season.

The performance of the Wuhan Women's Football Team did not disappoint the fans either. The first match was a 2:1 victory over Henan Jianye Women's Football Team and won a good start. In the second match, Hebei China Fortune was crushed by 5:0 and won a big victory. The third round of the match, ushered in a big win. In a fierce battle, the opponent is the defending champion-Jiangsu Suning Women's Football. Before the match, this game was full of expectations. I thought it was a wonderful confrontation battle. The results were a bit disappointing. Suning Women's Football team performed well and suffered a 0:3 defeat. Wuhan Women's Football Team ushered in three consecutive victories, and the ranking rose to the top. The first one.

In the fourth round of the match, Wuhan Women’s Football ushered in another big battle. The opponent was the Beijing Enterprises Women’s Football Team. The match was very difficult; Adopting defensive counterattack tactics and guarding strictly, the Wuhan Women's Football team could not find a way to break the goal. The scene was very dull. It remained stalemate until the second half of 70 minutes, relying on a wonderful free kick by Han Peng to break through the opponent's gate.

Facing the passive situation, the Beijing Control Team did not surrender and replaced Gu Yasha and Ma Xiaoxu to try to restore the decline. During the game, the former Miss Asia- Ma Xiaoxu showed great strength and shot twice on the goal post, shocking the Wuhan female football player in a cold sweat. If it were not for the help of the goal post, the Wuhan women’s football team was suspended and the score was finally locked at 1:0.

As the biggest favorite of the season, the Wuhan Women’s Football Team won four consecutive victories and defeated the powerful Suning Team and the Beijing North Control Women’s Football Team. The strength also exposed certain problems. Among them, Wang Shuang's situation is the most speechless, and he has not played the whole game in four consecutive games; how can he occupy a place in the national team with such a performance? A big question mark.

In another match of this round, the Shanghai Women's Football Team defeated Henan Jianye 4-0 and topped the list.


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