Chinese women's football alternative stats competition Wang Shuang is more than enough, Zhao Lina wins

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There have been some new changes in Chinese football recently. Men’s football is still depressed and unsatisfactory. The game against India last night was called a derby on the earth. The two most populous countries played The boring match of the rookies pecking each other ended up 0-0. What is gratifying is that our women's football has made rapid progress, and there are frequent good news. Recently, we won a four-nation championship. Women's football is not in the limelight at the same time. In addition to the women's football performance and skills, the fans are of course also the beauty of our beautiful players.

Goalkeeper Zhao Lina span>

Among them, the most beautiful, sometimes cute, and sometimes sexy is our beautiful goal: Zhao Lina. Zhao Lina, who is tall and looks online, once won the favor of the model agency and invited her to join, but the beauty of the Zhao family, who is only focused on football, refused the invitation and insisted on taking this doomed and difficult road. What is certain is that football is the road. Will make more sense.

Funny Zhao beauty

Apart from Zhao Lina, who is in charge of beauty, what other beauties are there in Chinese women's football? Our women's football core king Shuang's appearance is also online. Wang Shuang is undoubtedly the leader of women's football in this era. After joining Paris in three or two games, he has won a lot of fans and quickly reaped overseas fans. The overseas media also praised Wang Shuang. There is a plus. In this way, Wang Shuang's fashionable life photos have also been exposed. Although Wang Shuang's appearance is not as good as Zhao Lina, but Wang Shuang, who is at the forefront of the trend and dressed in a neutral dress, is also quite seductive.

Wang Shuang dressed up as a hipster

Speaking of Wang Shuang, I had to mention the Asian Games as a substitute and scored 9 goals in halftime. Wang Shanshan. Xiaobian searched for a long time but couldn't find the life photos of the 9 ball queen. Although the playing style is tough and actively running, Wang Shanshan is not a big beauty, but she is also beautiful. And her hard work is obvious to everyone, just because of this. Wang Shanshan should support it at all!

Of course, there are many beauties in Chinese women’s football, such as Li Jiayue, Wu Haiyan, etc. As an athlete, it’s clear that football skills are more important than appearance. We will not give up supporting every athlete who strives hard for the country because of her beauty. Especially our Chinese women's football team is online. Every rose is cute and blooming hard, called How do we not support it?


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