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My wish is to achieve better results in the World Cup and Olympic Games


We hope that through this

Let more girls play football.


Wu Haiyan

She was originally a track and field athlete, but she entered the green field in a daze.

She knows nothing about football, and gradually fell in love with the sport while she was "playing".

She is not the best technically player, but at the age of 21 she became the youngest captain of the Chinese women's national team.

She is Wu Haiyan.

Wu Haiyan, an optimistic girl who loves to laugh, is always a smiling face whether it is to teammates or opponents.

Someone commented on her like this:


"On the court, she has a passionate temperament of reluctance, first-class defensive ability, and is the core of women's football defense;

When interviewing reporters on the court, she was not only clear and organized. , And generous and decent, both IQ and EQ are online."

Why is this girl so good?


The connection with football

Speaking of football, Wu Haiyan said frankly that she did not think about it when she was a child Once I wanted to play football, I never thought that one day I could become the captain of the women's football team.

At the age of 11, Wu Haiyan represented the school in the track and field competitions of the City Games. Because of good results, she was selected by a sports school in Hangzhou. Wu Haiyan thought she was going for a run and went happily. Up.

After arriving in Hangzhou, she was dumbfounded. On the big green field, everyone was exercising one by one football. At that time, football was a sport that she didn't understand at all, and she had never been exposed to it.

Dad comforted Haiyan and said: "We can try for a month, if you don’t like it, you will come back."

But Wu Haiyan secretly made up his mind: "Anyway, I’ve gone. I didn't even think about going back."

Wu Haiyan started her football career like this. She grew up with her parents since she was a child. This is the first time she has left her parents.

When her parents sent her to a place, when she was about to leave, Xiao Haiyan felt that she was about to cry, so she closed the door and said, "Go away. move. "

She must go from a little girl cared by her parents to an independent athlete.

Doing anything requires perseverance and courage. This is the key to success.

The days at the beginning were very difficult. Haiyan was actually a sensitive character. She was very shy when she was a child. Those old students with a solid foundation can practice against each other. She is like a fall. Single transfer student, no one takes her.

She just plays against the wall by herself, just like playing, just like this, Wu Haiyan gradually fell in love with football, and it was football that made her slowly cheerful.

Haiyan said in an interview:

"Girls must have their own independent thinking, and then pursue what they want to do.

I feel very fortunate that I have chosen football. Do something that I like very much and you will be very happy. "

When you are yourself, you will enjoy the present and you will find that life can be more exciting.


The setbacks and hardships on the road to football

Anyone's road to success is a flower Coexisting with thorns is not easy.

At the age of 17, Wu Haiyan injured her knee. The injury is the greatest pain for an athlete.

At that time, she was too young, but she needed to bear these great pains by herself.

If you have an operation, there is hope of playing football, but the rehabilitation training after the operation is very hard. At that time, Wu Haiyan was also very confused, and finally decided to have the operation.

At that time, she didn't even have the cost of the operation, and later borrowed money from the unit before going for the operation.

The postoperative rehabilitation training is painful unimaginable for ordinary people. Because the knee joint has to press the leg, the leg cannot be pressed after the operation, and it can only bend to a certain degree. Wu Haiyan forced herself to bend.

Every time I bend my leg to go to the toilet, I shed tears.

The process is indeed very hard, but after you stick to it, what is terrible?

All of Wu Haiyan’s persistence is to return to the game. No matter what she encounters, her original intention has never changed.

Later in the youth football training camp, Wu Haiyan, who had not healed from her old injury, unexpectedly became "nervous" in the test. She scored very high shots. With her track and field foundation, she was selected as a defender for the national team. /p>

Wu Haiyan once asked the coach, there are so many excellent players, why did you choose her to enter the national team?

The coach said: "You are a competitive player, and the desire and enthusiasm for the game is very high. Strong. The football field is often changing rapidly, and many people may hesitate, but you will go all out in the first time. "

After entering the national team, Wu Haiyan was under a lot of pressure. Although her ability to fight one-on-one is outstanding, she needs to break through the technical bottleneck when receiving passes.

Later Wu Haiyan decided to let go of all distractions, and the first pass was great. This wonderful kick gave her great confidence.

In Wu Haiyan’s view, girls have no difficulty in playing football. What boys can do well is the same as girls.

Do what you like and you will be happy.

In the process of pursuing your dreams, you will gain a lot of happiness and a lot of self-confidence, and believe that you can do better.


The 11-person match, the 11-person sisterhood

Wu Haiyan persisted in this way, despite the ups and downs, but still Be the best of yourself and face all difficulties with the most optimistic attitude.

Many people say that as a defender, you are actually very wronged. Many good-looking balls have been kicked by forwards.

Wu Haiyan said: "Ten Messi in a team, this team can not win the championship, ten Cristiano Ronaldo in a team, it is impossible to win the championship.

Everyone has their own position, and the whole team can only be good if they do well in their position. Football is like this and needs to make up for each other. "

Wu Haiyan, who is optimistic and loves to laugh, can always arrange everything for everyone in the background and convey a positive attitude to her teammates.

Wu Haiyan may not be the best technically. , Is not the most famous, but because of her carefulness and rigor, she was unanimously recommended as the captain.

At 21 years old, Wu Haiyan appeared as captain in the Four Nations Invitational. She became the youngest captain in the history of the women's football team.

At the age of 22, Wu Haiyan once again led the team to compete in the World Cup as the captain. This kind of "locker room leadership" should not be underestimated.

She loudly encouraged her teammates on the field, and she fell in the interview off the field. Generous yet heroic.

Many people say: "There are many players older than you, and there are players with more prestige than you. Will they listen to you? "

Wu Haiyan felt: "There are girls of all kinds of personality in the team, but everyone is sisters. Everyone takes care of each other. Will drive everyone. ”

Football is a game of 11 people, and unity is the support of 11 people.

In the arena, the winner is king, and the arena is the battlefield. When these girls play football, they only focus on fighting for that ball and want to win, but they are not at all off the court. Affected, everyone is still good friends.

Victory is a yearning for the fighting spirit for the women's football girls. That kind of fighting state is what they want to show most.

Because it is a collective project, there is a relationship of mutual trust between peers, because you have to know that she is here to catch your ball and pass it to her. This is trust.

Even in the face of failure, everyone treats it with a normal heart.

During the 2018 Jakarta Games, they cried very sadly. Although they were unwilling to win the championship, the most heard sentence is: " It doesn't matter. ”

The players have passed hundreds of trainings and hundreds of matches. They have been experiencing these successes and failures. When they fail, many people will encourage you to support you. , So that the next step can be better.

The greatest charm of football is the trust and support of its peers.

Enough trust and support can make this team stronger.

The time when athletes play in high form is actually very short. Everyone cherishes and enjoys the moment.

Because of the trust and support of sisters, these girls are fearless , Enjoy the game.


The sonorous rose’s Chinese dream

These girls Growing all the way, laughing all the way, making progress all the way.

In 2014, they won the third place in the Asian Cup and the quarter-finals of the World Cup in 2015. This is their glory.

At the 2015 World Cup, it was the home stadium of Canada. When the music rang, 70,000 spectators cheered for them.

At that time, Wu Haiyan felt very fortunate to have done a football game and let the world see Chinese girls. Excellent.

Football is the source of her belief and strength, and is an inseparable part of her life. Football has shaped her and gave her another life.

This sense of responsibility and pride arises spontaneously when standing on the stadium wearing national flag clothes. Tears will always flow down when singing the national anthem, because They represent all the Chinese people in the competition to win glory for the country.

As the captain of the Chinese women’s football team, Wu Haiyan said: “My wish is to achieve better results in the World Cup and the Olympics. In addition, we hope that through such efforts , Let more girls come to play. "

These girls let us see the new face of the Chinese women’s football team. Their self-confidence spirit is passed on to the whole world.

Wu Haiyan feels that there are very few girls playing football in China, just like abroad. Youth football is widely promoted, and the entire system is perfect, so they have a wide range of options.

Now the Chinese system has gradually improved, and many Chinese little girls have also slowly Contact with football, this is progress.

These girls hope that through the performance of women's football, more people can pay attention to and participate in football. This is the responsibility of every Chinese.

Wu Haiyan said: "When we hope that the country will become better, we must do ourselves better. Only if we do better can our country become better. ”

The splendor of the clang roses in 1999 is a lot The light in people’s hearts.

The sonorous rose is not extinguished. These girls are willing to use their actions to change the state of the Chinese women’s football. They have inherited a lot of the shining points of sonorous roses and are burning in their own way .

Wish our "sonous roses" make greater achievements!

Source: @Communist Youth League Central Youth Studio, WeChat public account "Ten o'clock video"


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